Exotic stone – the latest luxe look for bathrooms that's bold and beautiful

For those who dare, exotic stone will bring drama and luxe appeal to any bathing space

exotic stone: green marble shower
(Image credit: Alexander James)

If you are looking for next-level luxury in your bathroom, exotic stone surfaces are the way to go.

Whether you choose exotic stone countertops or feature it on walls, floors or sanitaryware, it’s a look that is timeless and will bring instant wow-factor to your scheme. Use pale stones for understated glamor, or darker hues to add richness and stand-out appeal.

We asked bathroom experts for their take on this look – and how to get the very best results. For more beautiful bathroom ideas, don't miss our dedicated page.

1. Choose an exotic stone lookalike in a bold color

Exotic stone: blue stone bathroom sink

(Image credit: The Bathroom Design Studio)

Exotic stones like onyx and Marinace marble are stealing the show in luxury bathrooms. Celebrated for their jewel-like hues and crystalline sparkle, these rarefied stones can create incredible backsplash and shower backdrops. 

In areas that benefit from low maintenance, Bathroom Design Studio’s managing director John Naughten recommends manmade alternatives, like this basin, custom-made from 6mm-thick porcelain tiles in a convincing natural Agate pattern. 

‘Thanks to the many advances in surface technologies, the design of porcelains inspired by precious stones are now incredibly lifelike, yet offer far easier cleaning and no aftercare,’ he explains.

2. Create a wraparound effect with bookmatching

Exotic stone: marble shower

(Image credit: Genevieve Lutkin)

Bookmatched marble is an elegant and timeless exotic stone so using it on both walls and floors will create a cohesive and yet striking look. 

'I really believe in keeping the number of materials to a minimum and going for it, especially in smaller rooms,' says interior designer Hollie Bowden. 'It’s more dramatic, maximizes the look and also feels more cohesive and fluid.' 

You can continue the flow of the look to other parts of the bathroom, like wrapping the stone round the vanity unit for an even more enveloping feel. 

3. Frame the bath with an exotic stone accent wall

Exotic stone in a bathroom

(Image credit: Future/Jake Curtis)

Exotic stone, when in a more dramatic color, can be used as a backdrop, creating a layered focal point with a shapely bath in front of it. 

Stones such as marble can, of course, vary wildly – you'll find the whites and pale greys, but look out for blacks, greens, pinks and yellows, all of which can come with flecks of other colors, including metallics, running through them. 

This bathroom was designed by Cara Woodhouse, who says, 'I love the fact that all exotic stones are different and have their one of a kind unique markings and colors.' 

On a practical note, she adds: 'I suggest viewing full slabs before choosing your final stone.' 

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4. Use it as a focal point

Exotic stone: green marble shower

(Image credit: Alexander James)

Forget about framing pictures, a stunning stone with dramatic veining can be a piece of art in its own right. A green onyx shower wall in a neutral bathroom forms a striking focal point. The floor-to-ceiling mirror captures the onyx again, doubling the impact. 

'Onyx has a beautiful translucent quality, so when illuminated from behind it creates a subtle glow that highlights the intricacies of the stone,' says Sharon Lillywhite, founding partner at design firm Oliver Burns

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5. Mimic exotic stone with wallpaper

Exotic stone: cloakroom with dark marble wallpaper

(Image credit: Future/ Rachael Smith)

Exotic stones like marble are high on the wish-list for many but if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, you can still mimic them at a fraction of the cost. 

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There are porcelain tiles with a gloss finishes which offers the translucent look of natural onyx for instance – or you can go for a dark and dramatic wallpaper, like Marmara by Osborne & Little in this cloakroom in the home of interior designer Elnaz Namaki, which will give a rich and cocooning feel. 

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