Marie Kondo reveals the kitchen must-have you need to know about

The tidying guru has the secret to an effortlessly organized space – and speed up your grocery shopping

Marie Kondo
(Image credit: KonMari Media, Inc.)

Marie Kondo is the most famous organizer of our generation – but how does she keep her storage system tidy? 

The tidying guru has reshaped storage ideas with a collection of books and two Netflix shows under her belt. Her KonMari method is one of the most practiced tidying techniques globally – but the key to an effortless kitchen is refreshingly simple. And she’s tried and tested it in her own home. 

Marie Kondo's kitchen must-have

Marie Kondo's kitchen must-have

(Image credit: Marie Kondo)

In an exclusive interview with H&G, Ms.Kondo revealed her one kitchen must-have is a 3-Tier Bamboo Expandable Shelf Organizer (above) – a freestanding shelf that will revolutionize your kitchen storage ideas. ‘I love this shelf organizer because it keeps things from getting buried in the back of your pantry or upper cabinets,’ Marie says. 

Marie Kondo

(Image credit: KonMari Media, Inc.)

While this multifunctional tool will keep your kitchen in order, the tidying expert explains that it will also limit your grocery shop preparation time. ‘Knowing what you have helps speed grocery list preparation and prevents you from purchasing duplicate items,’ she adds. 

The expandable organizer is made from polished bamboo that is good-looking enough to use as a display-worthy home for goods such as teas, species, and jars of honey. Because you don’t need to sacrifice style for a seamless storage system. 

Plus, this bamboo focal point isn’t the only natural kitchen accessory to receive Marie Kondo’s seal of approval. On her Instagram, Marie similarly recommended investing in another organic storage solution: weaved baskets.

Kitchen pantry with pocket door

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‘In Japanese, ‘ori’ means to weave. If you want to use storage baskets – in places such as the pantry or closet, for example – then it’s best to choose ones with strong materials whose beauty also brings you joy,’ she says.

Though, whichever natural storage solution you choose, the question of what you should store in them remains the same. ‘Take stock of the items that bring you joy,’ Marie instructs in the discussion of her famous ‘Sparking Joy’ mantra. 

‘Think about your favorite recipes or the foods and snacks that make you happy. This will help you decide which items to keep and which items to discard.’ 

Marie Kondo’s kitchen ideas will ensure your space runs smoothly whilst cutting shopping prep time. We’re adding one to our baskets as we speak.

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Joy at Work|from Amazon

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