I'm a shopping editor – these were the best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home deals

If you want your home to look expensive, without having to spend, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is where to shop

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Chic living room with pink couch and bookcase
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The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now over. I saw some incredible deals on high-end décor, kitchen accessories, and premium bedding. Don't worry if you missed them, I've kept my favorite products on this page. When Black Friday comes around, it's likely that Nordstrom will issue some discounts out again.

As H&G's shopping editor and someone who's on the lookout for a few fancy items to spruce up my plain apartment, I'm always scrolling the sale pages for the best products. If I can find a discount on my favorite bed sheets, you'll be the first to know about it.

The Anniversary Sale is an annual event that tides you over between Prime Day and before Black Friday. I often see my favorite products in their sales too. This year the viral Moccamaster had over $100 off , but I think more discounts will be coming for Black Friday.

These are my favorite 12 items from the 355 piece sale this year. As I said, they're still worth the investment, even at full price. When more discounts come around, I'll update you here.

12 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale home deals 

Top 3 deals

Bedding deals

best bed sheets pink and yellow pillows styled on bed

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Kitchen deals

Retro mid-century modern style kitchen

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Home decor deals

Contemporary couch in colorful living room with coffee table and vase

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How often does Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happen?

If you've got a shopping habit, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is an unmissable annual event. It happens just once a year, usually sometime in July. It's easy to miss because it closely follows Amazon Prime Day, but you'll find some of the most trending items, from clothes to home products with big discounts. This year, the sale started on the 17th of July and finished on the 6th of August. However, as in previous years, there was be early access sales and offers that continued after the last scheduled day of the sale.

Do things sell out on Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Items can sell out very quickly during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The event will see high-end, premium brands with big discounts on their best-selling, most popular products. From viral coffee makers and cookware sets to stylish bedding and blankets that are all over Instagram, they're luxury items that rarely go on sale. Most will have them in their wishlists, but won't check out on their cart. Since they're on sale, with savings worth shouting about, it's likely the products sell out quickly. 

If you missed a deal in this year's Anniversary sale, don't worry. There's still Black Friday on the horizon. I've tested and recommended all of these products at full price, so they're worth the investment. The sales are just a time for really treating yourself. 

If you see something in the general sale, I'd recommend cross-checking prices and asking yourself whether it's worth the spend. Not every deal is a good deal. I'll keep updating you on here if I see any discounts that are too good to miss. 

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