8 reasons why style experts love Sky Glass – the smarter than a smart TV from Sky

With no dish or box, Sky Glass is introducing a stylish new option for living room focal points

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall
(Image credit: Sky)

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

With no dish or box, Sky Glass is introducing a stylish new option for living room focal points.

Removing the need to hide trailing cables, media boxes, and streaming devices, the award-winning TV is designed with both function and stylish TV feature walls in mind.

Whether you’re treating yourself to a new screen to entertain your family, or curating a beautiful home with the latest tech at the forefront, there is no better option than the sleek Sky Glass if you want to make your TV your focal point – here’s why the expert’s love it. 

1. Say goodbye to masses of cables, additional soundbars, and media boxes

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

With everything built in, the Sky Glass does away with traditional dishes and boxes that clutter up media units and make living room TV wall ideas a nightmare. Everything is included as standard – including Sky, streaming apps, and six powerful 360° Dolby Atmos® speakers and subwoofer for that surround sound experience all from one device.

Sky Glass takes your viewing experience to the next level, giving you that exclusive front-row feeling in your living room, whether you are enjoying the latest blockbuster or sitting back with sports. 

One TV, one cable, one plug, one remote – now that’s smart.

2. Pick a color to match your space

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

Tired of the same old black box TVs sticking out in your scheme? Sky Glass offers five unique colorways, including dusky pink, ceramic white, racing green, ocean blue, and traditional anthracite black in three different sizes (43”, 55”, and 65”) to suit any living room media wall, at any time.

Not enough? The built-in speakers can be aesthetically upgraded too, with 10 speaker fascia colors to pick from. You can decide on a sleek, uniform scheme for your TV with ten facias to seamlessly match your screen, or go for a statement mix-and-match facade to draw attention with geometric, jade, marble, onyx, quartz, and sapphire fascias instead.

And the icing on the cake? Your TV remote will match your new screen too.

3. Enjoy pixel-perfect quality, no matter what you are watching

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Glass’s 4K Ultra HD screen features Quantum Dot technology, the latest innovations in picture quality, making darks darker and lights lighter for a vivid viewing experience that brings out the best in the shows you love.

You can expect pin-point pixel precision, every time.

4. Show off with integrated voice control

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

Flicking through apps, HDMI plug-ins, and channels trying to find exactly what you want can put a downer on movie night, especially when everyone ends up sitting around waiting.

Sky Glass puts a stop to app and channel hopping with every app you need built into one system. Better yet, you can find exactly what you need with voice commands. Sky Glass gives you the option to talk directly to the TV, so you don't even have to use a remote or lift a finger – just ask, and Sky Glass finds it for you  – it’s not just how your TV looks in your home that’s worth showing off to friends and family.

New features and apps are automatically added every month so your TV will keep getting smarter. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

5. Never miss a moment, even with live TV

The Sky Glass TV mounted on a wall

(Image credit: Sky)

The Sky Glass offers the unique ability to start from the start with any live program, on any channel. 

No matter if you sat down five, 10, or even 30 minutes late for the latest episode of the hottest show, or missed kick-off for your favorite sports team, instantly restart with the ability to skip the bits you don’t need to see. 

Forgot to record an episode? Playlists mean you never skip a beat, allowing you to add your recordings, saved TV shows (including all of their available episodes), channels, and shows from apps all in one place, so you are never left wondering if you missed something important. Better yet, it's all in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about old-school recording clashes anymore. 

6. Keep your TV sustainable with a screen that doesn’t cost the earth

Sky Glass redefines ‘green TVs’ in more ways than just the color; it is also the world's first TV certified to be CarbonNeutral and comes with an auto-switch-off feature to pass those energy savings onto your household too – perfect for those ‘accidental’ late nights on the couch. What’s more, the screen brightness adjusts automatically to help conserve power.

Worried about delivery? That is covered with recycled packaging and no single-use plastic in sight.

7. Focus family time around the TV – even when you can't be together

By now, we all know what it is like to be away from family and be frustrated with trying to stop and start a movie to be in sync with others in different places. 

Sky Live, the new interactive camera made exclusively for Sky Glass, puts a stop to this fumbling and presses play on joint viewing experiences – and gaming too!

All you have to do is call your family or friends' phone or tablet from your Sky Glass, and the additional 4K camera will connect you, no matter how far apart you may be, allowing you to video call without an additional screen or device.

Everyone can partake in the big screen experience right from the comfort of their living room with live screen sharing – no matter if you are indulging in the latest movies, cheering on your favorite team with Sky Sports, or catching up on box sets, so there are no more arguments about who sped ahead with the episodes on their own.

8. Make your living room your gym and invite your personal trainer – digitally

Connecting with friends and family is not all the Sky Live 4K camera is good for.

Cutting-edge sensors unlock new interactions with your screen, including body tracking so you can complete your home workout along with a digital personal trainer, receiving tips and hints about your form and performance during workouts such as HIIT, yoga, and strength, all thanks to integrated AI.

Want to make sure your privacy is protected? You can also switch the camera off at any time, so you are always in control.

Sky Glass is the ultimate stylish statement for any living room, whether you love to host or take pride in creating beautiful spaces using the latest technology. With five unique color options, speaker fascia personalization, and everything built in as standard, it offers you a TV like you’ve never seen before – with a showstopping viewing experience to match. It really is the smarter TV for everyone.

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