Feeling festive? ABC Carpet & Home's luxurious Christmas decorations are full of seasonal spirit

There's no better time to start your Christmas collection than with ABC Carpet & Home's festive decorations

A collection of ABC Home Christmas decorations
(Image credit: ABC Home & Carpet)

It's beginning to feel a little like Christmas. As it turns out, there are plenty of luxury retailers who feel the same. I've been looking at the best luxury Christmas decorations online and I love ABC Carpet & Home's luxury collection.

If, like me, you have your decorations up as soon as is socially acceptable, you'll have already started browsing the best Christmas decorations online. There are plenty of different options available, from cheap and cheerful to precious and premium. ABC Carpet & Home's decorations fit into the latter. They're pretty expensive, but I've found they have a range of adorable, classic and fun pieces, all of which would make the perfect gift to yourself or a special friend.

I've looked through all of what ABC has to offer and while I don't love everything, these are the best, most premium decorations available. Move quickly, because I have a feeling these will be popular.

Best food Christmas decorations

Christmas is undeniably full of food and there are lots of fun ornaments which reflect it. Some of these are less conventional Christmas foods which, nevertheless, have some character, humor, and trendiness imbued in their styles. Others are classic, glass, and divinely delicate.

Best animal Christmas decorations

The characters that come out around Christmas time are full of fun. Whether it's sparkly, wintery Christmas creatures or bright and fun animals which are trending online, these are brilliant for families with children in.

Best celebrity centric Christmas decorations

There are plenty of iconic characters involved in Christmas. These figures work all year round, so you can gift them now and enjoy them much longer than a single month. 

Best traditonal Christmas decorations

Yet sometimes, there's nothing better than a classic around Christmas time. These timeless decorations will become heirlooms, passed through generations. They're crafted from glass and wool, so look premium too.

For around the home

If you want a few extras for around the tree, on the coffee table, or on the matel, these are beautiful additions to your home. They've got all the sparkle and fun of Christmas with the classic features that will mean you can use these time and time again.


What is the most popular Christmas ornament?

Classic baubles tend to be popular, whether they're crafted from glass, plastic, metal or felt. They're simple to style on their own, but complement other ornaments excellently.

Should I buy luxury ornaments?

Yes, luxury ornaments will last for years and make an excellent gift if you're stuck on ideas for hosts.

Final thoughts

Ornaments are some of the best Christmas investments you can make. They'll last you a lifetime and each tells a story from the year in which you bought them, or who you gifted them too. If you need something to give to a host, these are luxury, loveable, and full of festive cheer.

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