Ashley Tisdale just launched a California cool decor collab with HomeThreads, and it’s perfect for spring

Ashley Tisdale’s latest HomeThreads collaboration looks lived-in, yet fresh and new at the same time

Haven by Frenshe Interiors
(Image credit: HomeThreads)

Former Disney star Ashley Tisdale may have left The Suite Life behind, but she certainly has amassed a huge following for her design style. If you’re looking for some fresh spring decor ideas to bring that sense of sunshine into your home as the days get longer, the actress’s new collaboration with HomeThreads is just the right place to start looking.

Called ‘Haven by Frenshe Interiors’, this collection perfectly encapsulates the California cool vibe that Ashley is known for, and uses very understated materials and neutral colorways in unique shapes and textures in order to make them statement pieces. From a fun velvet chair in a lush grass green to a contemporary coffee table that pays a nod to industrial decor, each piece feels already lived in and homey, which is what makes this collection a dream to discover.

‘I really like it when pieces feel rustic and charming, but have a clear, modern point of view,’ says Ashley when discussing her inspiration for the new collection. ‘That’s the style that really speaks to me at the moment.’ The goal, therefore, was to create an offering that traditional design aficionados would love, but could still find their space in more modern homes. Each piece looks handcrafted but plays around with contemporary silhouettes for added charm.

I scoured through the whole collection to give you a selection of some of my favorite pieces, all of which take the traditional and turn it on its head.

Haven by Frenshe Interiors

(Image credit: HomeThreads)

Haven by Frenshe Interiors by Ashley Tisdale

Actress Ashley Tisdale’s new collaboration with HomeThreads is my absolute favorite new way to bring laid-back California style into your home. It captures the indoor-outdoor living aesthetic in a beautiful way, and works to be on-trend without making you feel like you have to toss it all away when the season’s over. The color scheme, while simple, adds interest with contrasting materials, and makes decorating with neutrals easier than ever.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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