9 ruffled pillows to add a whimsical touch that's perfect for spring

Ruffled pillows are an affordable, simple purchase that will transform your living room and bedroom in an instant

A selection of ruffled pillows
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Ruffles are the new florals of spring 2024, adding a touch of softness and whimsy to any style. They are cropping up everywhere, from sheets to table linen, but here we are focusing on the easiest way to bring this trend into your home – pillows. 

‘Ruffles made a huge impact on fashion trends last year,’ says Randi Garrett, interior designer and founder of Arizona-based design firm Randi Garrett Design. ‘Think puff sleeves, tiered skirts, and interesting cuts to dresses all incorporating ruffles, and now, we’ve brought that trend to the design world through pillows, throw blankets, and tablecloths. Ruffles can add elegance and make things more playful, and in terms of pillows, they add that ounce of texture your sofa or bed may have been missing. They bring an extra layer of femininity to a design, making rooms all the more interesting, and they’re a very affordable way to do so.’

Upon looking around at all my favorite home retailers, I was delighted to notice that I could find a ruffled pillow for any design lover. There were rich, jewel tones, lighter pastels, plaid and floral designs, and even some cottage style in there, all of which showed me how versatile this interior design trend is. 

green bedroom with velvet headboard and beata hueman curtains

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9 ruffled pillows to suit any style

Ruffed pillows provide a simple way in which to bring the frills trend into your home, and you can purchase them at various price points and in numerous interior design styles. No matter whether you want a dark, contemporary look or a new take on modern farmhouse decor, there’s an option available out there for you to elevate your home decor scheme.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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