Best TV stands 2024 - media units to tidy your TV room

Functional furniture never looks better than with the best TV stands. They're a media room essential and one of our favorite stylish storage solutions too.

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A good TV stand will blend seamlessly into your home. They're not just for your television; they can be a functional multitasker, storing away your books, consoles, and cables whilst looking quietly stylish. 

Achieving this effortless style takes work, but that's why functional furniture is incredibly useful. Our interiors experts love using TV stands for décor ideas to transform your living room. Zara Stacey, our Content Editor, loves them for storing books, ornaments, plants and vases on. She says that 'a TV and TV stand can have a big impact on the style and layout of a media room, so it's important to find a beautiful, well-proportioned TV stand'. 

Always remember to think about proportions. TV stands come in a range of sizes, but you should choose one which is a few inches wider than your TV. This will stop the TV from overwhelming your room and furniture.

I've looked through a range of media consoles and stands, searching for the best on the market. Whether you have a small living room and need to maximise storage, or a minimalist living room that seeks openness and space, there's an option for you.

Best TV stands 2024


Are low TV stands better?

Lower TV stands keep your TV at eye level, which can be more comfortable to watch. You're less likely to strain your neck if you are watching a long movie too.

Should my TV be bigger than my TV stand?

A TV stand shouldn't really be narrower than a TV, because it will make your big screen look overpowering. Your TV can be smaller than the stand, but it shouldn't be dwarfed. An example of a good ratio would be a 55 inch TV atop a 71 inch stand.

Is it better to have my TV on the wall?

If you can mount a TV on the wall, it's great. You can save space and avoid any chance of it getting knocked over. However, if you don't have pets or children, a TV stand can be really useful. You'll can use it to keep your home tidy, as TV stands often have cupboards and drawers for tidying up.

How we test

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At Homes & Gardens  we like to test every product before we recommend them to you. However, in some instances, such as with TV stands, we were unable to. When this happens, our experts spend hours reading every review of hundreds of products to find out which are the best on the market. If there's a useful feature or a flaw with one of the TV cabinets, we will know about it. By the end of our research, we know these products possibly better than we would have if we had tested them for a week. If you're interested in finding out more about how we test, we have a dedicated page with all the details.

Final thoughts

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TV stands are some of the most hard-working, functional furniture you can invest in. If you choose the right cabinet, it can become one of your best storage solutions, whilst offering a platform for you to ass style to a room. Our interiors experts are full of tips and tricks for how to create a stand-out design in your space using your TV and TV stand. 

I love the most simple designs, especially in organic textures. There's no escaping that a TV is a big black hole in your room. Balancing it out with a warm walnut or mango wood can help to soften a room, enhancing how it looks and feels. There's no right or wrong choice though, only one suited to you.

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