8 TV stand decor ideas that will beautifully elevate your TV – and transform your view

A TV stand not only serves as a platform for your TV, it can create a whole host of styling opportunities – so let us show you our favorite ideas

Three examples of TV stand decor ideas. Close up of ornaments on a wooden sideboard. Cream living room with dark wood TV stand, decorated with books and flowers, TV stand in living room decorated with books and ornaments
(Image credit: Paul Raeside | Nash Design Group/Vivian Johnson | J Patryce Design)

Our TV stand decor ideas will help to effortlessly integrate your TV into your chosen design scheme with ease.

From books to ornaments, plants and vases of flowers, these small and simple decorative accessories can transform your TV stand ideas from simple to stylish.

A TV can have a big impact on the style and layout of a media room, and as they are not the most aesthetically pleasing of objects, basically, a big black box, enhancing your chosen TV with TV stand decor ideas will only help to make it appear more beautiful and united with your interior design. 

Explore our 8 favorite decorating ideas for your TV stand

Jonathan Clark, creative director for Shelved  says, 'whether you’re mounting your TV on the wall or placing it on a cabinet, a TV stand is still an important piece of furniture which can really help to ground a living room, whilst allowing you to inject personality into a space – this could be by adding a planter or a hint of color through fabric panels.'

Whether you're exploring living room tv ideas or bedroom tv ideas, it pays to enhance your entertainment center with stylish decoration, so that it sits in perfect harmony with your overall design scheme.

Jonathan Clark, Shelved
Jonathan Clark

Jonathan is the creative director at UK-based, Shelved, a family-run business that specializes in the design and manufacture of modular storage furniture. Jonathan has over 15 years of experience as a senior designer in the design industry.

1. Keep things clean and simple

Grey wall living room storage with TV and floating shelves.

(Image credit: Donal Murphy/Sara Cosgrove)

As the popular saying goes, less is more, and if you're looking to establish a clean and contemporary look for your TV stand decor ideas, then keep your decorations simple, and do not overcomplicate the design with clutter. 

In this beautiful blue living room, designed by Sara Cosgrove Studio, the bespoke blue cabinetry helps to instill an atmosphere of relaxation and calm in the space, with the stand elegantly decorated with just three, tall blue candles on a golden oval tray. Helping to center the TV and working with the decorated shelves to achieve a sense of balance, this use of decor lets the unique cabinetry truly take center stage.

2. Appreciate the beauty of nature

white living room with sectional couch, footstools, retro sideboard, tv, rattan pendant light, cushions, blind, basket

(Image credit: Nash Design Group/Vivian Johnson)

From the latest floral trends to decorating with the best indoor plants, decorating with plants and flowers can not only bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors, filling a room with inviting natural color and texture, these natural accents are also renowned to make us feel calmer and grounded. 

As shown in this cozy neutral living room by Nash Design Group, the dark wooden TV stand has been decorated with a tall botanical arrangement, enriching the space with eye-catching color and decoration, and creating a beautiful connection with the greenery elegantly framed by the window.

The use of natural decoration works wonderfully with this more muted, neutral scheme, complementing the other colors and textures used to establish an inviting and restful area to watch TV.

3. Showcase a selection of your favorite reads

Modern living room with wall-mounted TV, wide and wood sideboard decorated with books, flowers and ornaments

(Image credit: J Patryce Design)

Decorating with books can not only help to make your interior space feel more personal and characterful, but books are also a truly versatile decorating tool, and they are an easy way to bring color, texture, and shape to a room.

In this living room, designed by J. Patryce Design, the TV stand has been decorated with three stacks of books, with the ornaments and vases of flowers adding further visual interest and contrasting texture. Creating a pretty display that sits neatly beneath the TV, why not curate your own mini library of some of your favorite reads for TV stand decor ideas?

4. Take the lead from your room's decor

Modern living room with marble fireplace, tv mounted on walls, cream painted walls, dark wood flooring, gold pendant lights, artwork, seating

(Image credit: Fiorella Design)

'For the living room design, we went warm, dark and sophisticated with a marble fireplace mantel, black wall, black custom bookcases, and gold accents in lighting and jewel tones in the furniture pieces' says Mary Jo Fiorella or Fiorella Design.

In keeping with the room's overall style the luxurious marble fireplace has been simply decorated with a collection of small, black and white vases, which perfectly complement the natural tones of the fireplace.

Taking the lead from your room's design, or complementing the style or color of your TV stand with coordinating decor, will only make for a more cohesive and united look for your TV stand decor ideas.

Mary Jo Fiorella
Mary Jo Fiorella

San Francisco Bay Area-based interior designer, Mary Jo Fiorella earned a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and worked for several large design firms before setting up her own practice, Fiorella Design in 2002.

5. Embrace an artistic collection of ornaments

Close up of low wooden sideboard decorated with ornaments, TV placed to the side

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Decorating with art doesn't always have to focus on framed artworks on the wall, curating a collection of beautiful ornaments on a shelf, coffee table or TV stand can create an artistic focal point that is just as eye-catching. 

This relaxed, low wooden sideboard has been decorated with a small TV and a collection of unique ornaments. From pieces picked up on travels abroad to sentimental objects passed down from family members, or designs that have simply caught your eye and brought you joy, creating an art collection of ornaments for your TV stand decor ideas can create a decorative scene rich in memories and personality, and one that you can appreciate every time you turn on the TV.

6. Expand your TV decor ideas to new heights

Neutral living room with tall decorated shelves, large black TV, cream sofa, artwork on walls, ottoman, leather lounge chair

(Image credit: Alice Lane Interior Design, photography by Nicole Geralut)

One of the main design features in this living room, designed by Jessica Bennett of Alice Lane Interior Design, is the tall, open-shelving unit that houses the main TV. 

She says of the design, 'the original media cabinet was dark and heavy and didn’t allow for a large TV. We designed an off-white cabinet that layered the TV over the built-ins and allowed for flexibility to switch out the electronics easily in the future.'

The bespoke shelving design beautifully frames the TV and has a practical mix of open and closed storage; creating multiple surfaces and areas that can be used to store and display decorative ornaments and objects.

The natural, neutral color palettes prevent the large decorated shelf from feeling too overwhelming, with the design creating a restful area in which the eye can watch TV and appreciate the surrounding space with ease.

Jessica Bennett
Jessica Bennett

Jessica is the owner and design principal at Utah-based interior design firm, Alice Lane Interior Design. Alice Lane first started out in 2008 as a homes retail store, and now, 11 years later, it is a successful interior design firm, completing small residential settings to large estates and commercial buildings.

7. Create levels 

Family room ideas with built-in cabinet storage

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

In order to for your TV stand decor ideas to look beautifully balanced, establishing a sense of rhythm is key, and this can be achieved through styling your accessories at different levels and in groups of uneven numbers – explore the rule of three for further inspiration.

Creating rhythm in interior design is all about establishing a sense of movement and flow in a space, and it is an important design principle that prevents a room from feeling flat and one-dimensional.

When styling a shelf or a surface such as a TV stand, get creative with your styling ideas and organize your decorations at various heights and levels, as this will help to make your display look more natural and authentic.

8. Look to the rules of symmetry

Large traditional living room with vaulted ceiling and beams, seating area positioned around a fireplace, tv mounted on wall, two low hanging chandliers

(Image credit: Kara Childress)

If you're unsure of where to start with your TV stand decor ideas, then why not look to embracing the rules of symmetry?

A principle used by interior designers to help make rooms feel more balanced and calm and create visual harmony, style your stand with symmetry in mind for a more neat and tidy look. 

Beautifully shown in this traditional living room, designed by Kara Childress, symmetry can be seen across the lighting, seating and decoration, with the two bronze urns placed on either side of the TV on the mantel making for a simple yet elegant decorative display.,

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How do I style my TV unit?

As we have explored in this piece, there are so many creative ways you can style your TV unit. 

From a simple stack of books to a beautiful curation of artistic ornaments or vases of flowers, a few small accessories can make the world of difference in adding character and style to your chosen TV unit design. 

Look to materials, colors and textures used throughout the room and complement these features with your chosen decorations, as this will help to create a more well-thought-through and unified design.

How to decorate around a mounted TV?

From framing the TV with a colorful gallery wall to integrating your TV into a bespoke media wall, many of us embrace TV wall ideas in our homes, and your chosen surrounding wall decor ideas can be vital in helping to incorporate this item into your design scheme.

Other decorating ideas include:

TV stand decor ideas are essential for making your TV feel more included and united with your chosen design scheme. 

From styling your stand with a selection of simple accessories to creating bespoke cabinets and shelving units that are filled with an artistic curation of ornaments, these decor ideas can make all the difference when creating an inviting and pleasing viewing area around your TV.

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