CB2’s Black in Design Collective just launched the spring collection – and it's filled with beautiful, elevated pieces

Now in its second iteration, CB2’s Black in Design Collective looks to celebrate excellence in Black interior design

CB2 Black in Design Collaborative
(Image credit: CB2)

Last Summer, CB2 launched its Black in Design Collective – a collective that celebrates Black designers, artists, and creatives. Now in its second iteration, CB2’s Black in Design Collective is a myriad of projects created in partnership with Black designers around the world, with each designer focusing on a few specific decor or furniture pieces that they believe represent their culture.

Inspiration varied from all over. From the streets of Paris, France, and Lagos, Nigeria, to the Caribbean islands, each piece exhibits a different culture and is unique to the designer who created it. It goes beyond interior design trends and focuses on the designer’s story instead.

Evan Jerry
Evan Jerry

Evan Jerry is an interior and product designer based in Canada. He is the owner of product design firm Studio Anansi.

One such designer, Evan Jerry of Studio Anansi, spoke to me about the importance of having such a collective and why it was so important to him to take part in this second launch. 

‘It was very important as a designer because entering the zeitgeist and industry 10 years ago, it was very challenging for me to see my culture represented in design. Sometimes, Black-identified interior spaces are represented through craft, like a sculpture or something art-inspired, but it doesn’t have the refined element that design brings,' he says. 'I knew I wasn’t the only designer going through that collective experience, and CB2 gave us the opportunity to express ourselves through design and bring it to the mainstream.’

Upon looking at the collection myself, I was amazed to see that it really did cover so many diverse perspectives and traditions in the Black design industry and worked to explain the significance behind each design choice used – whether that was a spiritual belief translated to materials selected or more modern representations of traditional decorating ideas.

Black in Design

CB2 Black in Design collective

(Image credit: CB2)

‘The Black in Design Collective is a vision of black connectivity,’ adds Evan. ‘Black creatives are coming together to envision what Black identity looks like through product, and definitely coming at it from a very global and diverse perspective. It's bringing that perspective to celebrate the connectivity of Black culture, but also the uniqueness of Black identities and culture itself.’

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Each piece tells such a gorgeous story that it was hard to narrow down my favorites, but hopefully, my selections will be able to inform your own perspective on Black design and how you can bring it to your home.

The Black in Design Collective by CB2, now in its second iteration, explores even more diverse perspectives in the Black design industry and aims to bring Black culture to the mainstream. Spanning traditional furniture pieces and modern decor, each piece has a narrative and will help serve as inspiration when you’re thinking of spring decor ideas.

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