Joanna Gaines' Magnolia Fall Collection is live today – I've combed it and these are the best buys

Fall might not be on your mind yet, but the Magnolia Fall Collection launches today and I love all of it. I'd recommend you get ahead, before everyone else does.

Magnolia Fall Sitting Room Décor - a coffee table with books and a vase of flowers in a sitting room
(Image credit: Magnolia)

Fall might seem like it's still a long way off, but Magnolia launched their Fall Collection today and there's no time to waste. You don't need to swap your summer salads out for hot pots and thick stews yet, but you do need to think about investing in some neutral, natural tones, which will be a year-round success.

I'm a self-confessed, fall obsessed shopper and even I'm not thinking of Thanksgiving and pumpkin pies in this heat. However, I've always been told that you should prepare six weeks ahead of any event. We're close to six weeks off the first day of fall (September 23rd). If that's not enough to stir up your fall decor ideas, you better take a look at Magnolia's new arrivals.

Joanna's new collection is not too heavy or cold-focused. It's all wood, cream, and vintage styles. She's described this collection as 'a fresh take on familiar finds', encouraging us to look at our most loved possessions with a new found perspective.

The best of Magnolia's Fall Collection

Whether you're re-decorating or getting ahead of the rush, this is the time and place to start.

Hearty and Warming: Kitchen

Magnolia - kitchen decor - garlic on a chopping board with flowers

(Image credit: Magnolia)

I'll jump at any reason to be in the kitchen, and this is often where I start decorating for fall. Summer salads are great, but hot pots and slow roasts are every kitchen enthusiast's dream come true. The beauty of these kitchen pieces is that they look as good al fresco as they do indoors and al guest-o when you're hosting for all the family. You can start using them now, even if it is hot.

Warm and Welcoming: Living Room

Magnolia Living Room with a chair and bookcase

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Following fall trends doesn't have to mean adding clutter, especially in your living spaces. Joanna has styled her fall living room to be open, showcasing simple heirlooms and beautiful home staples. From tub chairs big enough to curl up in, to open shelves, let the clutter fall away - sorry.

Getting Together: Dining Room

Magnolia dining room set up with crockery on the table and a vase of faux flowers in the middle

(Image credit: Magnolia)

There are so many chances to bring your family and friends together over fall. Fall table decor ideas are a beautiful way to set the scene and I’m obsessed with Magnolia’s serveware. Whether you invest in some heirloom bowls or elegant flowers, small touches can elevate the whole room. 

Snuggling Up: Bedroom

Magnolia Bedroom with a cozy throw on the end

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Fall bedding trends are another of my favorites. Layering different textures helps to cultivate a cozy and relaxing room. From velvet to open knits, Magnolia has a range of textures and layers to make sure that when the weather drops, your bed only gets more inviting.


When should I start decorating for fall?

As soon as fall collections are released, I recommend that you shop them. The leaves might not be falling off the trees yet, but by the time they do, all the best interior pieces will have gone. Magnolia's collection is available from today, so I recommend that you get shopping.

Is Magnolia's fall collection the same as Hearth & Hand?

Although both have been designed with Chip and Joanna Gaines, Hearth & Hand is only available at Target. Their collection follows a distinctive vintage style and I've had a look through all of their pieces. I prefer the neutral tones of Magnolia's collection, because I think they lend themselves to more versatile styling. If you like Joanna's style, take a look at both.

Our Verdict

Magnolia dining room with a leather sofa, table, and vase of flowers

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Every time Magnolia releases a collection, I don't think the next one will be able to surpass it. Each and every time, it does. As I said, I'm a fall fan, so this was one of the most exciting releases of the year for me. 

Even though the weather doesn't feel like fall, I think most of Magnolia's fall collection is perennial. I would keep these out all year round, every year. Given that most people start shopping for fall around now, I wouldn't hang around.

Laura Honey
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