Justina Blakeney just launched a brand new collection with Ruggable, and it's a maximalist's dream

Jungalow designer Justina Blakeney’s new collection with Ruggable consists of gorgeous patterns and bright colors to bring the tropical vibes into your home

A selection of rugs from the new Justina Blakeney x Ruggable collection
(Image credit: Ruggable)

Ruggable is known firstly for its incredibly durable, machine washable rugs, but secondly, it's known for all the amazing collaborations. The most recent of which is with famed designer Justina Blakeney of Jungalow.

If you know of Justina's interior design style, then you won't be surprised that this collection is a pattern lover, color lover, maximalist lover's dream. The whole collection is beautiful and vibrant, with prints featuring botanicals, animals, and modern geometrics.

‘When I was designing, my goal was to create a selection of rugs where people could really have fun,’ says Justina Blakeney of her new collaboration. ‘It’s vibrant and colorful, but you also want it to be functional.’ So, if you spill something on your favorite rug while hosting, no stress, just pop it into the washing machine and it’ll be as good as new.

‘We’re honored to work with Justina Blakeney, who has been a pillar in the interior design space for well over a decade,’ adds Cassie Leisz, Senior Creative Director at Ruggable. ‘Featuring magical and mystical blends of botanicals, animals, and modern artwork, these pieces are meant to inspire us to live freely and boldly.’

The collection features an assortment of 15 indoor rugs, two doormats, and two outdoor rugs, allowing for indoor-outdoor living and making sure you’re covered in warmer weather when you want to use some of these rugs by your pool or patio. ‘Whether you opt for warm, earthy neutrals or mesmerizing pops of color, these pieces are sure to bring a sense of fun to the home,’ adds Cassie.

While maximalists have absolutely found their match with this collection, those who like a more subtle look will be happy to know there are neutral rugs with simple designs on them as well, as Justina made sure to cater to lovers of bold prints as well as understated designs. Plus, Ruggable makes some of the best rugs on the market, so as well as looking gorgeous, they are a practical choice too. These are just a few of our favorites from the new collection...

Ruggable x Justina Blakeney collaboration

(Image credit: Ruggable)

The new Justina Blakeney x Ruggable collaboration plays with print and color in nuanced ways, allowing for Justina’s love of pattern to shine through. Each piece has been designed with the goal of infusing personality into the look, and the bright hues are all perfect for summer.

Nikhita Mahtani
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