Lulu & Georgia’s new outdoor collection is filled with perfect pieces for spring hosting – and it can all be used indoors too (just in case)

Lulu & Georgia’s spring collection features an outdoor decor selection that can just as easily be styled indoors until the weather warms up

Lulu & Georgia Spring 2024 Outdoor Collection
(Image credit: Lulu & Georgia)

Fashion-forward home retailer Lulu & Georgia just launched their new spring outdoor collection, and I’ve found my favorite options for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

As someone who becomes a shell of herself in the cold, I have to say that I’ve been pining for spring. This has led me to go on a mad dash for the best outdoor decor pieces available on the market right now, and Lulu & Georgia’s spring outdoor collection immediately stood out to me.

Lulu & Georgia’s fashion-forward home decor and furniture pieces have always been high on my wish list. This brand is great for embracing trends in a classic way, resulting in products that stay on-trend, yet have a whimsical, statement-making edge that allows them to stand out from other options. This new outdoor furniture and decor collection is the perfect example of that, everything in this range filled both classuc and current.

Outdoor patio with rattan furniture and cream umbrella

(Image credit: Lulu & Georgia)

In this collection specifically, I’ve seen that the brand has used rattan, scalloped edges, fringes, and neutral colorways to create their own take on modern farmhouse spring decor, and most of the objects are simple enough to easily place in your patio without disrupting your current design scheme. 

From a simple indoor-outdoor rug look to a more dramatic patio umbrella, Lulu & Georgia’s spring outdoor collection is also suitable enough to be used indoors until the weather gets better. I looked through each and every option to find you my favorite, most current looks that I’m personally adding to my cart right now.

The key pieces from Lulu & Georgia's spring outdoor collection

If, like me, you’re simply waiting for warmer weather to roll around so you can start entertaining outside, you should quickly stock up on Lulu & Georgia’s outdoor collection before it sells out. Each chic pouf, rug, or throw exemplifies current rustic yet minimalist interior design trends. And the best part is, these pieces can easily be used inside while you wait for spring temps to get here.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

Nikhita is the Style Editor for Homes & Gardens, making sure our home-savvy readers are always aware of the latest trends and deepening their knowledge of classic design. Nikhita graduated with her Master of Arts in Magazine Journalism from New York University, and has spent a decade in interior design and shopping roles at shelter publications ELLE DECOR and Domino Magazine.