Our style editor’s selection of machine-washable rugs are both chic and incredibly practical

When it comes to finding the best rug for your home, consider this chic selection of machine-washable rugs for easy cleanup

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A high-end rug can transform your decor and bring luxurious softness to any space. But it also comes with quite a bit of stress. After all, it can be hard to take care of such delicate materials, and if your home often plays host to a large number of guests, spills and stains are almost guaranteed.

This is why I favor machine-washable rugs. If the worst should happen and someone stains them, all I need to do is shove them in the washing machine and go on with my day. But I know what you’re thinking. Machine-washable rugs usually aren’t as chic or durable as their delicate counterparts. 

Well, that may have been the case back in the day, but now, I can find beautiful machine-washable rugs that run the gamut from modern styles to tufted Arabic looks, and they’re all durable, fashionable, and incredibly easy to maintain. In fact, they're some of the best rugs around, and almost all of the rug trends of the year are available in these machine-washable styles.

Best machine-washable rugs 2024

Machine-washable rugs FAQ

Why can’t you purchase a jute machine-washable rug?

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Jute is a very delicate material: These rugs consist of plant fibers that have been woven into particular shapes and sizes. The wash cycle can ruin the weaving and material of a jute rug, so you have to actually clean these by hand and allow them to air dry. The most common type of machine-washable rug is actually polypropylene: These rugs are made from a synthetic blend, but can mimic the look of a number of different textiles. They’re highly durable, and can last years if they’re taken care of.

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