I'm a gardening journalist – these are the best planters I found at QVC for all your outdoor planting needs

From hanging planters to decorative flower pots, these are some of the very best plant containers on the site

QVC planters
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If there's one thing I'm always on the hunt for as a plant-lover, it's new containers. Whether its for hanging plants or small plants on a outdoor table, finding the right pots to fit your aesthetic is key to adding a personal touch to your outdoor space.

Keeping an eye out for the best QVC deals is one way that I find the very best planters, as they always seem to have the most stylish and fun pots for plants. If you have a range of trailing plants, are creating a herb garden or want to expand your container garden, QVC is sure to have beautiful containers to fulfil your needs.

I've searched the site for the best QVC planters and have narrowed it down for you below - and if you're an indoor gardener, many of these can be used inside too.

Container garden

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Best QVC planters

Buying new planters can be exciting if you love plants and certainly fuels my plant obsession, so here are my picks of the best planters to shop at QVC for you to find your next dream container.

Best hanging planters

Elevating plants with hanging baskets is a wonderful way to add height to your plant display. Rule number one of planting in a hanging basket is ensuring you have the right container.

The first things I look for are sturdy chains and ropes, good drainage and, of course, an aesthetic to suit my space. Here are the best hanging planters at QVC.

Best planters with drainage

There's one thing all potted plants need and that's good drainage to avoid root rot and other problems. Knowing how to water plants is one thing, but you also have to ensure that containers aren't trapping excess moisture in so that your plants can remain healthy.

These picks of planters with drainage from QVC will help you avoid container gardening mistakes and keep your plants happy.

Best decorative planters

Who doesn't love a playful touch to gardens? Whether you're creating a zen garden, a memory garden or a garden for pollinators, planters come in all shapes and sizes to feed into different aesthetics and emphasize different themes in your outdoor space.

From animal shaped pots to ones that suspend plants in unique ways, these are the best decorative planters from QVC.


What is the best type of planter?

The best type of planter will depend on the plants you wish to grow in it. Always ensure you choose a container large enough for your plants to avoid them becoming pot-bound.

Likewise, drainage is important to ensure soil doesn't become oversaturated and cause root rot. You should also take into consideration any aesthetics in your outdoor and indoor space. Hanging planters are a great way to add height to plant displays, while decorative planters add a playful touch.

If you're a plant-lover like me, you can never have too many planters and luckily QVC has us covered. No matter the size of your plant or the way want to display it, QVC has planters for everyone.

Check out our guide to the best plant stands for more ideas for displaying plants. If you're more of an indoor gardener, you might also find out expert guide to styling houseplants useful.

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