Studio McGee's new fragrance collection is now available at Target – these are the 4 signature scents on offer

Scent is an integral part of interior design, making a home that looks amazing feel good too. With Pura, Shea McGee is making home fragrance easier than ever

(Image credit: Target, Threshold designed with Studio McGee; Studio McGee)

When it comes to interior design, scent is severely underrated. Creating a home that looks good but also feels and smells amazing will only help to make your space feel more inviting and luxurious.

Interior designer Shea McGee has already sorted out the sight component of design, offering gorgeous home furnishings via McGee & Co. and decorating advice via Studio McGee on the daily. But her latest collaboration with Target takes home design one step further.

Studio McGee has teamed up with Pura, the smart plug-in scent diffuser brand, and homeware brand Threshold to offer four unique scents that are sure to take any home from simply beautiful to truly transformative in an instant.

These are the four scents you can shop at Target now – if you've been wondering how to make your home smell nice, Shea's got you covered.

4 Studio McGee scents to shop at Target

Studio McGee has established itself as a trusted source for candles, offering several lovely scents that spruce up the home in seconds. But now, the brand's tried-and-true fragrances come in Pura form. By simply plugging the Pura refill canisters into the smart fragrance system (which conveniently plugs into the wall), your home will be full of flame-free scent. The four scents on offer are Blackberry & Eucalyptus, Cypress & Juniper, Santal & Ginger, and Masala Rose – and each is going for $11.99 on Target's site.

The combination of blackberry and eucalyptus is a fast track to a calming design scheme, simultaneously fresh and floral. Perfect for sprucing up a living room or lounge space, this one is a must-have. Cypress & Juniper on the other hand is uplifting and energizing, the perfect scent for a kitchen or bathroom you'd like to keep extra fresh.

Santal and ginger find harmony in the next scent, a warm and inviting fragrance that'll make your home feel more welcoming and homey than ever. And Masala Rose is a 'spicy blend' of floral and herbal elements, making for a unique signature scent fit to accompany any room of the house.

The Pura diffuser itself goes for $49.99 at Target, and you'll only need one for each room you'd like to wash with scent. After investing in a diffuser, you'll be able to purchase scent refills – from Studio McGee or elsewhere – to your heart's content, swapping out scents depending on the season, occasion or mood.

As with everything Shea gets her hands on, these fragrances are going fast. Rush over to Target (in-store or online) to ensure your home's equipped with the perfect scents for summer and beyond.

Abby Wilson
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