Best luxury candles: 12 luxury scents to invest in

Peruse the best candles as rated and ranked by the Homes & Gardens team, for fall and winter

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In search of the best candle to burn at home? Or, perhaps you are lusting after a luxury candle to flood your rooms with a sublime scent to impress guests? Here, we've handpicked 9 luxury candles that you can buy online. From floral scents to fruity fragrances and candles that are best suited for burning during fall, these scents are an easy way to transform the atmosphere inside your home. Choose something that suits your interior style for a drastic effect.

Whether you are redecorating a room or you need to replace a recently finished candle that sits on your coffee table, home fragrance has a way of lifting our spirits and mood in a matter of moments. These scents have become escapism at their finest, and they are simply exquisite for anywhere from your kitchen to your bathroom, your living room, home office, and even your entryway.

Whether you dream of rustic relaxation or you are hoping for a brighter, more uplifting scent, these aroma-filled candles are worth a browse. You won't be surprised to hear that the options in our list are some of the best home fragrances money can buy, as rated by the Homes & Gardens team.

The best luxury candles to buy for your home

What to consider when choosing a candle for your home? 

It's imperative to consider the location of where you're looking to display your candle. 

For the living area: it's best to consider your aesthetic or decor; minimalists will want to reach for woody scents, whereas traditional settings require a scent floral-based. 

With kitchens: it's best to reach for something lighter and airier; the last thing you want to do is compete with food aromas, so we suggest a spicy scent or subtle aqua. 

Now, in the case, you're shopping for your bedroom: opt for an aroma that's lavender or vanilla-based; you'll want to calm your senses and create a peaceful oasis.  

Otherwise, if you have pets or inquisitive children, or if you are worried about the safety worries that come with burning a candle, a reed diffuser is an elegant alternative. 

How we test candles

We selected these luxury candles based on two factors: reviewers' opinions, and our thoughts. Yes, we've managed to get hands-on experience with a few of these scents, so we can recommend them even after testing inside our homes. Rest assured, though, the ones that we've not yet tested came highly recommended by happy fragrance lovers far and wide.

Meet our candle testers below:

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