Bobby Berk's game-changing hack fixes candle tunnels and uneven wax in 5 simple steps

Bobby Berk's easy hack fixes candle tunnels and uneven wax in five simple steps

Bobby Berk at the BAFTA Tea Party held at The Maybourne Beverly Hills on January 13, 2024 in Beverly Hills, California.
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I love a nice scented candle. In fact, I'm borderline obsessed with them. But the one thing that never ceases to amaze me is that even the best candles can burn unevenly or start to tunnel if you don't practice effective candle care

Thankfully, interior designer Bobby Berk took to Instagram earlier this month to share his game-changing hack to prevent uneven burning from ruining your favorite candles:

In the short clip, the famed interior designer revealed that hacking away at uneven candle wax with a butter knife is far from the best method of fixing candle tunnels. Not only is this method wasteful, but it's unsightly, too. 

Instead, Bobby revealed a simple 5-step trick to level your candles using affordable aluminum foil:

Step 1: Cut enough aluminum foil to wrap around the top of your candle.

Step 2: Light the wick.

Step 3: Wrap the foil around the top of the candle, leaving enough space for oxygen to get through to the flame. 

Step 4: Wait a few hours (ensuring you don't leave the candle unsupervised). 

Step 5: Unwrap your candle and blow out the flame. Once the wax has dried, your candles should be perfectly level again. 

Of course, you could also invest in a stylish candle warmer to keep your candle wax perfectly even. But when a roll of aluminum foil is only $1.42 at Walmart, I know which technique I'll be trying first...

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You can avoid the most common candle burning mistakes by trimming your wicks and ensuring that you allow your new candles to melt evenly across the entire surface before blowing them out. 

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