Candle warmers are the coziest home decor trend we've seen – here's why you need one

Not just a dorm room essential, these candle warmers are becoming the next big thing in home fragrance

A wooden candle warmer on a pile of books
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The only way to melt a candle is to light it, right? Wrong. In fact, there is a much safer alternative that has been taking the internet by storm thanks to its cozy appeal and perfect practicality. 

Enter, candle warmers. Although nothing new, candle-warming lamps have been trending across social media with cozy-looking images of warm-toned lamps hovering over some of the best candles inspiring us to hunker down in seriously cozy bedrooms for these last few weeks of winter. 

Here are some of the advantages of these trending candle warmers, and where you can find them for your home.

What are candle warmers?

While there is a multitude of candle warmers available on the market, top light candle warming lamps have been the choice for social media trends over the last month. These lamp-like warmers offer a small base dish perfectly sized for your candle jars and a warm-toned, warm-feeling lamp positioned above, perfect for melting candle wax in a single, even layer without live flames.  

Here is why we love them.

1. They offer a safe alternative to live flames  

A white candle warming lamp turned on above a jar candle

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While some of the appeal of a candle is the live flickering flame, these small home decor pieces are some of the worst offenders for starting home fires in the US. ‘Candle warmers are much safer to use than lighting candles the traditional way. Any time you have an exposed flame that might be left unattended, you run the risk of starting a bigger fire,’ warns Tim Jankowski, president of Aladdin's Cleaning & Restoration. ‘Candles are a large cause of home fires, accounting for over 7,000 home fires in the U.S. alone in 2021. Candle warmers also keep the hot wax contained, a substance that can also lead to fires.’ 

The warm lighting temperature of the lamps provides the perfect glow to make a living room feel cozy, however, so the intimate magic of a candle isn't lost.

Tim Jankowski
Tim Jankowski

As well as being president at Aladdin's Cleaning & restoration, Tim is an IICRC certified master fire & smoke restorer, making him an expert in a variety of home hazards and preventative measures. 

2. They help achieve an even melt 

If you have invested in the best home fragrance you can afford, then the chances are you don't want to burn through it too quickly. A candle warmer allows you to get an even wax melt, unlike when burning a wick, making your candles last longer and produce a nicer scent at the same time. 

What’s more, many candle-warming lamps have a built-in timer, giving you peace of mind that your candle will stop melting exactly when you want it to – rather than accidentally leave it on to burn when you are not in the room to enjoy it.

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3. They perfectly double as a cozy lamp 

If you are trying to make your living room cozy with lighting, or add a warm glow to your bedroom lighting, then a candle-warming lamp may be the perfect option. Not quite bright enough to read for long with, but glowy enough to cast an alluring haze around your room, candle-warming lamps have gone viral, in part, thanks to their aesthetic appearance. 

These small plug-in appliances light up from within, diffusing light naturally rather than giving off a harsh glare making them ideal for light layering in interior design 

4. They contribute towards warming your space 

Finally, these candle-warming lamps work by giving off heat, melting the wax from a distance. The convenient side effect of this is that these table lamps also help to warm the area around it, helping to make a living room or bedroom feel warmer without heating, for example.

Although they are not the best alternative to a heater for warming up a whole room, sitting close by to enjoy a book on an e-reader or watch TV will certainly make you feel snug and relaxed.

Where to buy candle warmers  

What type of candle warmer is best?  

There are a few types of candle warmer, and which is best for you will depend on your candle. For jar candles, or candles that have a wick, then a top-lit candle warmer such as a lamp will be best for an even melt. If you are using wax disks or blocks, then a bottom-heated candle warmer with a dish will be ideal. 

The candle warmer you pick will also depend on whether you want to have an automatic shut-off function or heat control. 

Are candle warmers good for candles?  

Candle warmers are generally a good, safe option for candles as they allow the wax to melt without producing soot. This means the candle melts more efficiently, making them last longer on average, and helps to produce a nicer scent in your home.

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