Buying a house in spring? Realtors reveal 8 things you need to know

Every season brings changes to the property market, and knowing the best tactics to buy a house during spring can help you be more successful and make informed choices

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Buying a house can be a complex and overwhelming, especially if you're a first-time homebuyer. Understanding everything you need to do before and during househunting and buying can make this process easier and less stressful. 

Different seasons bring different opportunities and challenges when it comes to how to buy a house, so understanding the specific strengths and extra caveats of buying in spring will enable you to adopt the most effective house-buying strategies. 

In this guide, our property experts cover everything you need to know about buying a house in spring and offer advice to ensure you can successfully snag your dream home.

Buying a house in spring 

Having a clear list of priorities and essential preparation tasks for buying in spring can help you navigate through a multitude of choices and approach this process tactically. Remember to prioritize what matters most to you while remaining flexible.

1. Understand market dynamics

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'Take the time to research and understand the current market conditions in your desired area,' advises Mehdi Khachani, real estate expert and CEO of JMK Property Management. 'Spring often increases the number of houses on the market, but it also leads to heightened competition among buyers. Knowing what to expect can help you formulate a winning strategy.'

'Let's start with why spring is such a popular time for buying a house,' says Pavel Khaykin, Founder of Pavel Buys Houses. 'One of the main reasons is that many families prefer to move during the summer months when their kids are out of school. This means that they need to purchase their new home in the spring in order to have enough time to settle in before the start of the school year.

'Another reason for the spring housing market boom is that many people receive their tax refunds around this time, providing them with extra funds to put towards a down payment or closing costs.

'Additionally, the warmer weather and blooming flowers can make properties look more appealing and inviting, increasing demand for homes on the market.'

'With the increased demand, sellers might have the upper hand in negotiations,' says Yosef Adde, real estate expert and Founder of I Buy LA. 'It is vital to do thorough research on the local market and be aware of the prices of similar houses in the area. This will give you a better understanding of what you can afford and the negotiating power you possess.'

Mehdi Khachani
Mehdi Khachani

Mehdi Khachani is the founder and CEO of JMK Property Investment, a real estate company that offers investment, construction, brokerage, and property management services.

2. Start early

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Spring is a busy season for real estate transactions. So, to stay ahead of the competition, begin your search as early as possible. This allows you to explore various options and make informed decisions without feeling rushed.

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Buying a house can be daunting, but having all the information you need can give you confidence in your planning and choices, ensuring you make prudent and cost-effective decisions.

3. Get pre-approved for a mortgage

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Before you start house hunting, get pre-approved for a mortgage. This not only gives you a clear idea of your budget but also demonstrates to sellers that you are a serious buyer, potentially giving you an edge in negotiations.

'Work with a reputable lender to assess your financial situation and determine the best mortgage option for your investment goals,' recommends Alex Locklear, a realtor and Founder of NC Cash Homebuyers. 'You can also use this pre-approval as a bargaining chip while negotiating the price of the house.'

4. Check for seasonal maintenance needs

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You should conduct thorough inspections and due diligence to uncover any potential issues with the property you are seeking to buy. 

'Spring allows you to do a more thorough assessment of a property's condition,' explains Nick Hedberg, real estate agent and CEO of As-Is Home Buyer. 'Checking out landscaping, exterior maintenance issues like roof or siding condition, drainage around the foundation, and other potential problem areas is much easier when snow is not covering everything. You can also get a better read on things like street parking and neighborhood noise levels.' 

'From an interior perspective, spring brings more consistent temperatures to test airflow and identify insulation issues, musty odors, or humidity problems that may not be as apparent during heating seasons.'

Another aspect to consider during spring house hunting is the house's condition. 'The winter months can be harsh on properties, and some issues may arise during spring. It is crucial to have a home inspection done by a professional to identify any potential problems and negotiate repairs with the seller,' advises Yosef Adde. 'This will save you from costly surprises down the road.'

5. Attend open houses

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Spring is the season for open houses. Attend as many as you can to get a feel for different neighborhoods, explore property features, and gauge market prices. This firsthand experience will better equip you to make informed decisions.

6. Be ready to act quickly

In a competitive market, desirable properties can get snatched up swiftly. Be prepared to act fast when you find a house that meets your criteria. Having your finances in order and being decisive can make all the difference.

'It's important to remember that increased demand often comes with increased competition. This means that you may face bidding wars or have to act quickly in order to secure your desired property,' explains Pavel Khaykin. 'It's a good idea to have all your financial documents and pre-approval letter from a lender ready before starting your search, so you can make a strong offer when you find the perfect home.'

7. Consider potential renovations

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'Spring is a great time to envision the potential of a property. While touring homes, keep an open mind about renovations or upgrades that could add value in the long run,' advises Mehdi Khachani. 'Consult with professionals to assess feasibility and costs.'

Budget for potential upgrades repairs or replacements based on inspection findings when considering a property. This will include the cost of materials, labor, and any necessary upgrades or improvements.

Understanding how these factor into the home's overall value and your budget constraints will help you avoid any unwanted surprises after buying. Additionally, developing a proactive maintenance plan early can save you time, money, and headaches down the line.

8. Work with a seasoned agent

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Partnering with a knowledgeable real estate agent who understands the local market trends can significantly streamline your house-hunting process,' says Mehdi Khachani.  'They can provide valuable guidance, negotiate on your behalf, and help you secure the best possible deal.

'Additionally, with increased competition, negotiation skills become invaluable. Work closely with your real estate agent to craft compelling offers and negotiate favorable terms.' 


What should you do before selling a house in spring?

'Spring is an ideal time to assess the condition of seasonal features before selling your house,' says Alex Locklear. 'These can include air conditioning units, sprinkler systems, and outdoor lighting. Make sure these systems are in good working order and factor any necessary repairs or maintenance into your budget. You can also ask the seller to handle these repairs before closing on the house.'

Buying a house in spring is a great opportunity for those who are ready to make a move. The key is to be prepared, do your research, and work with a reliable team of professionals. With the right strategy, you can make buying your dream home in spring a reality.

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