How much does it cost to replace a garage door? And 5 expert money saving tips

Garage door replacement costs vary depending on a whole host of factors. We reveal what you should expect to pay and how to save money

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Is it time to say goodbye to your old garage door? If yours is starting to look tired and struggling to open and close, now is the time to think about garage door replacement costs.

There is the option to smarten it up with a new lick of paint, stain, varnish, or some smart garage ideas, so you don’t have to spend big. And If it's a mechanical problem you can try and fix it yourself.

But, it might finally be time to get rid of the old and welcome in the new to add some much-needed curb appeal and security to your home.

Garage door replacement costs 

When it comes to replacing a garage door you need to know what you can get for your budget and what effects costs. You can expect to pay from $500-$5000 for a door, but if you want something special you can pay a lot more. Then you have to factor in labor costs if not doing it yourself. Here we look at the factors that define costs and get experts to reveal their money-saving tips. 

What factors will influence garage door costs?

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When it comes to garage doors, there are a number of physical factors that will make a difference in the cost. Here Kara Watkins, residential garage door product manager at Clopay, reveals what determines cost: 

1. Size of garage door: Do you have a one-car garage, two-car garage, or even larger? The larger a garage door you need the more you should expect to pay for it.  

2. Garage door material: What material is your new garage door going to be constructed from? Steel? Composite? Wood? Aluminum? Different materials command different prices, with steel typically being the cheapest and wood commonly the most expensive. 

3. Type of finish: The type of finish can affect the cost. Standard paint or standard stain keeps the costs down, But choose a custom color or specialty finish and the cost will go up. 

4. Decorative door options: Standard doors with standard hardware and no windows will commonly be the base model in a range, meaning they will be the least expensive. Add in extras such as windows and specialist finishes and this will add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the door. 

What additional factors can increase costs?

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The cost of a garage door is just one component of the cost. Other factors will add to the overall cost, which we look at here:

Labor costs vs DIY

DIY will be the cheaper option when replacing a garage door but is it a good choice? There’s a lot of heavy lifting and it's not a one-person job, so you will need the help of a buddy. Plus you need the right tools and the know-how. If you have never fitted a garage door before we suggest you look to hire a professional.

Manual or automatic garage door

An automatic garage door offers increased safety and convenience, but it will add to the overall cost. Converting a manual door to an automatic door will start at around $200 with a door opener like this Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Door Opener from Amazon, which offers smartphone control. 

But, the cost can easily surpass $1000 depending on the size of the door, the quality and complexity of components, and whether you are installing it yourself or getting a pro to do it. Plus, do you need electricity to run into your garage to power the opener? If you do, expect to pay at least $50 an hour, but this will vary depending on location and region.  

Garage door removal costs 

When fitting a new garage door, the old door needs to be removed and dispensed with. If you choose to remove it yourself it will only cost you your time and any tools you might need to purchase. But removing a garage door isn’t a simple task, so you might want to consider getting a professional in. 

The company/contractor fitting a garage door often includes this service in the overall cost. But if not expect to pay from $50-$200 depending on size and complexity.

5 expert money saving tips when replacing a garage door

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Everyone likes to save a few dollars and we get experts to give us their top tips 

1. Keep it simple 

'Taking simple designs and cheaper materials can save many costs when changing a garage door,' suggests Artem Kropovinsky, Founder of Arsight. 'It is a matter of striking that balance between the look and the means.'

Watkins from Clopay adds: 'Decorative options like windows and specialty finishes will add a few hundred dollars to the cost of the door.'

2. Stick to steel  

'Steel is the most economical material with the widest range of construction options and insulation types,' explains Watkins. 'It is low-maintenance and durable and comes in a variety of styles ranging from traditional to carriage house or modern that will enhance curb appeal.'

3. Save on insulation 

'Polystyrene insulation is less expensive than polyurethane foam insulation,' reveals Watkins. 'Both types improve the comfort of the garage year-round and improve the strength and durability of the door. Polyurethane has the highest R-values (most energy-efficient), but Polystyrene doors have good R-values as well.'

4. Check current garage door hardware 

One way to save money is to consider keeping parts that are still useful as Watkins explains: 'The garage door opener is a separate component from the door mechanism so if you don't need to replace it, that will save money.' But there are some parts that you shouldn't reuse. 'Never reuse old track, hardware, or springs. They are designed to balance the weight of the specific door panels. Doing so can damage the door and affect operation.'

5. Get quotes and look for sales 

'Manufacturers, retailers, and dealers often have periodic sales and rebates during slow seasons - December to March,' explains Watkins. 'So buy off peak if you have a choice.'

But if you do need to buy a garage door outside the slow months, shop around, suggests Kropovinsky, 'Getting a few quotes from different suppliers and installers is a very smart tactic. It makes sure that you are getting a competitive price.'


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Is it cheaper to repair a garage door than to replace one?  

This will depend on what type of damage that your garage has. If it's superficial damage such as scratches, dents, flaking paint, or minor cracks then it will be worth repairing and in most cases a job you can do yourself.

But, if you need to start buying replacement parts and getting these fitted by a professional contractor you will need to add up these costs and weigh them up against the cost of getting a new garage door installed.

If the cost to repair your garage door is $1500, and you can get a new replacement for $2000 then you seriously need to think about making the change, especially if the door is over 10 years old. 

How often should a garage door be replaced?

'Doors last 20 - 30 years if they are maintained,' explains Watkins. So if you have a well-maintained door that is 15 years old then there is no need to replace it. 

But if you have a 15-year-old that has been poorly maintained, it might be time to replace it or at best give it a good refurbishment, as an ugly door is unappealing. Watkins continues: 'A poorly maintained door will have a significant impact on a home's curb appeal. It pays to invest in a door that fits your home styl, won't dent easily, and will keep the garage secure and comfortable.' 

Fitting a new garage door is the perfect time to organize your garage and get the most out of this space. Invest in garage shelving and take this opportunity to sweep and clean your garage floors

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