How to hang a garland around your door – 6 simple steps from experts

Hanging a garland is a great way to spruce up your door, porch, entryway, or front garden for any occasion or festivity

How to hang a garland around your door
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Hanging a garland around your door can be an enchanting way to decorate for
various occasions or seasons – or simply because it's a fun project to add visual interest to your home.

Whether you wish to decorate your front door or inside with a fall garland or Christmas garland, this is the perfect DIY project to instantly add festive charm to your home.

When it comes to hanging a natural or faux garland around your door as a temporary or permanent display, you can follow these expert steps to securely attach a garland.

How to hang a garland around your door

With a combination of interior and DIY considerations, you can prepare your home for whatever occasion by adding a touch of nature with this eye-catching decoration. 

1. Choose the garland

Inside view of large white front door with glass panels, decorated with green and red christmas garland, two orange occasional chairs and patterned rug

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Start by choosing a garland that complements your home's style and the occasion or season.

Find one that is a proportionate size to the space or door you are hanging it around. 'Make sure it's long enough to drape around your door frame and has a method for hanging, such as built-in hooks or loops,' advises Ilia Mundut, founder and CEO of wreath company HeftyBerry. Having accurate measurements helps you choose the right garland length and ensure a balanced display.

Alternatively, you might want to make a garland that you can customize to your aesthetic preferences and size requirements.

If you are hanging your garland outdoors, we recommend investing in a high-quality, outdoor-rated garland made from durable materials like PVC or polyethylene, or choosing some of the best foliage for Christmas decor to create a natural display.

2. Prepare the door

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'Clean the surface around your door frame to prepare it,' advises Ilia Mundut. 'Ensure it's dust free and dry so that any hooks or adhesives you use can stick properly.'

3. Choose the hanging method

Wreath arch full covered in flowers

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Decide whether you want to use a temporary or more permanent hanging method.

You should also consider the weight of the garland when selecting adhesive materials to avoid any damage to your door or frame.

'Manufacturers can guide you in selecting suitable materials for your packaging based on factors such as product fragility, weight, and environmental considerations,' explains Mark Davidson at Stampaprints.

'If you're using door hooks, place them evenly spaced along the top of the door frame,' says Ilia Mundut

'Ensure the hooks are firmly attached to the door frame or surrounding structure. If you are using nails, choose ones that won't cause damage and can support the weight of the garland.'

'For adhesive hooks, using clear, removable plastic options that are suitable for outdoor use is one of the easiest ways to hang a garland around your front door,' says Jeremy Yamaguchi, the CEO of Lawn Love

'Space them close enough together to keep the garland in place, even if it gets windy. The same type of hooks will work equally well for interior doors, though you may be able to space them further apart.'

Usually, spacing them about 12 inches apart should ensure the garland is secure.

Remember to take care when using hooks or adhesives to ensure they won't leave any residue or marks when removed. Follow the instructions on the package for proper adhesion.

We recommend these damage-free utility hooks, from Amazon.

You can also use floral wire, like this one, from Walmart, to secure the garland around the door's border or center. 'Additionally, you can get some zip ties to use on the garland and the hooks to make sure the garland isn't going anywhere,' recommends Ryan Farley, CEO of LawnStarter.

4. Hang the garland

McGee & Co. olive garland around door

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'To hang the garland, start from the center top of the door frame. If your garland has loops or ties, attach it to the hooks or adhesive hooks,' says Ilia Mundut. 'If not, use floral wire or zip ties to secure it to the hooks.'

'Gradually drape the garland around the frame, working your way down the sides evenly. Ensure it hangs symmetrically for a balanced look.'

It's also important to consider the door's functionality – ensure the garland doesn't impede the door's ability to open and close smoothly. Attach the garland around the outside edge of the door frame to ensure it frames the door without interfering with how it opens or closes.

5. Add embellishments

Wreath with fruit, wicker basket of presents

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'If desired, enhance your garland with ornaments, lights, ribbons, or any other decorations,' says Ilia Mundut. 'Attach them securely to the garland using wire or ties.'

'Pay attention to symmetry and ensure that the garland hangs evenly on both sides of the door. If your area experiences harsh weather, consider applying a weather-resistant spray to the garland,' recommends Mark Davidson. 'This can help protect it from moisture and UV rays, extending its lifespan.'

6. Secure the garland

Wreath star and deer decorations

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'Once the garland is in place, gently tug on it to ensure it's secure. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure it hangs properly and doesn't interfere with the door's opening and closing,' advises Ilia Mundu.

If the garland seems loose or doesn't stay in place, use additional floral wire or zip ties to secure it at various points along the door frame.


How should I decorate my garland?

Furniturebox’s styling expert Laura Rich says: 'You can buy greenery or pre-made "naked" wreaths from many florists, and then use a hot-glue gun or wire to adorn them with pinecones, conkers, dried flowers, ribbons and buttons, or even repurpose old or damaged tree decorations.

'Greenery is always a popular festive choice but this year, we’re seeing a grander approach, with spruce and fir boughs thick and textured. Garlands are adopting sumptuous and decadent styling, featuring earthy tones, velvets, metallics and texture.

'Additionally, Scandi-inspired Christmas decor is still popular and will always look cozy. This can be an easy look to replicate with some well-placed small pine trees, simple warm-yellow lights, loose and relaxed greenery, pine cones, and some gold or white ribbon to finish.'

Depending on the weather conditions and material of your garland, periodically check your garland to ensure it remains secure. Make any adjustments as needed.

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