How to make a fan blow colder air – 6 DIY methods to try

Follow these simple steps to help your fan blow colder air in the warm summer months

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Fans are a staple in many homes, especially during the warmer months, but sometimes they need a little help to provide that refreshing cool breeze we all crave. 

While fans don't cool the air, they can make the room feel cooler through a wind-chill effect, which is especially useful when trying to cool your home during a heatwave.

We asked the experts for their top tips to help make fans blow colder air, and they have shared a number of ways to achieve this, which will be detailed in this guide.

6 hacks for making a fan blow colder air

Here are six DIY methods you can try to make your fan blow colder air. 

1. Position your fan strategically

According to Josh Mitchell, HVAC technician and owner of Air Conditioner Lab, the placement of your fan can significantly impact its cooling effectiveness. Strategic positioning can maximize the cooling potential of your fan by enhancing airflow and utilizing natural temperature differences.

Window Fans: ‘Placing a fan in a window with the front-facing into the room can draw in the cooler outside air during the evening and night, says Josh Mitchell. ‘This method works especially well in areas where the night temperatures drop significantly. Ensure the window is shaded from direct sunlight during the day to avoid bringing in warm air.’

Cross Ventilation: To create a cooling cross breeze, position one fan to blow air out of a window on one side of the room and another fan to draw air in from a window on the opposite side. This setup promotes continuous airflow and helps expel hot air from the room while drawing in cooler air from outside and can help cool down a room fast

2. Use ice or cold packs

Asif Bux, owner of Comfort Union, an HVAC and plumbing company, states that one of the simplest and most effective DIY methods to cool down the air blown by your fan involves using ice or cold packs. This method leverages the cooling power of ice to lower the temperature of the air being circulated.

Ice Buckets:  ‘Place a shallow pan or bowl filled with ice in front of your fan,’ suggests Asif Bux. ‘As the fan blows air over the ice, it will circulate cooler air around the room. This method is straightforward and can provide immediate relief on a hot day. Just remember to replace the ice as it melts.’

Frozen Bottles: For a less messy alternative, fill plastic bottles with water and freeze them. Place the frozen bottles in front of or behind the fan. This method is reusable and can be more convenient than using loose ice, making it a great long-term solution. 

3. Create a homemade air conditioner

For a more advanced DIY project, you can transform your fan into a homemade air conditioner. This method involves some crafting but can provide significantly cooler air.

Styrofoam Cooler Hack: Cut holes in a Styrofoam cooler from Amazon to fit PVC pipes and a small fan. Fill the cooler with ice, place the pipes in the holes, and position the fan to blow air into the cooler. The air that comes out of the pipes will be significantly cooler, offering a more intense cooling effect. 

4. Optimize your fan blades

The efficiency of your fan blades can also affect the temperature of the air being blown. Optimizing the blades can enhance airflow and improve cooling.

Clean the Blades: Dust and debris can accumulate on fan blades, reducing their effectiveness. Regularly clean your fan blades with a microfiber cleaning cloth from Amazon to ensure maximum airflow. A clean fan not only works better but also lasts longer.

Blade Adjustment: Some fans allow you to adjust the angle of the blades. Experiment with different angles to find the most effective position for cooling. Proper blade alignment can significantly enhance the fan's ability to circulate air. 

5. Use a wet cloth or towel

Using a wet cloth or towel is a simple yet effective method to cool the air. This technique takes advantage of evaporative cooling to lower the air temperature.

Damp Cloth: Drape a damp (not dripping) cloth over the front or back of the fan. As the air passes through the wet cloth, it will be cooler. This method is particularly effective in dry climates where the evaporative cooling effect is more pronounced.

Towel and Ice: For an added boost, soak a towel in ice water and drape it over the fan. The ice water will provide an extra chill to the air. Ensure the towel is not too wet to avoid water damage to the fan. 

6. Harness the power of evaporation

Evaporation can cool the air significantly, especially in dry environments. Utilizing this natural process can enhance the cooling effect of your fan.

Spray Bottle: Lightly mist the room with water from a spray bottle from Amazon while the fan is running. The evaporation of the water will lower the room’s temperature. This method can provide immediate cooling relief and is easy to implement.

Evaporative Cooler:  Create a DIY evaporative cooler by filling a container with water and placing a fan above it. Add a wick, such as a piece of cloth, that draws water from the container and lets it evaporate as the fan blows air over it. This setup can significantly lower the air temperature, especially in warmer rooms. 


How do you draw heat out of a room?

During the warmer weather, you should try and keep the windows closed and covered. This will prevent the sunlight and heat from penetrating the room. At night time you should let the cooler night air in, enabling you to sleep better

If you are willing to invest a bit more, consider upgrading your fan to enhance its cooling capabilities. Advanced fans are designed to move air more efficiently and may come with features specifically for cooling.

High-Velocity Fans: High-velocity fans such as the Lasko U15617 High Velocity Pro-Performance Pivoting Utility Fan from Amazon are built to move air at a higher speed, creating a stronger cooling effect. They are especially useful in larger spaces where standard fans may not be sufficient.

Tower Fans with Icy Breeze: Some modern tower fans include built-in features for holding ice packs or have water reservoirs that can be filled with ice water. These fans are designed to provide an additional cooling effect beyond traditional air circulation. We’ve tried a number of these products and find that the Air Choice Evaporative Air Cooler from Amazon is a great option. This air cooler has a large 5.3 Gal water tank with additional space for 4 Ice Packs for quick cooling. 

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