How to organize coffee pods – 5 easy methods

Home experts share the coffee pod organizing methods so you can get your coffee fix with ease

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For many of us, a morning coffee is part of our daily routine and helps us to start the day right. So that it's easy to load up your best pod coffee machine, it is a good idea to store coffee pods where they're accessible and visible, as well as organizing your coffee mugs somewhere they're easy to reach.

Storing coffee pods comes as part of an overall approach to organizing your kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets effectively so it isworth using a solution that works for your space.

Clever coffee pod organization allows you to locate and access your favorite blend when you need a caffeine fix and will also minimize the space they take up in your kitchen.

How to organize coffee pods

Use these expert methods so you can display and retrieve your coffee pods without creating or leaving a mess.


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1. Drawer inserts

If you have a drawer available, consider using drawer inserts, at Amazon, or dividers designed for coffee pods to keep them organized and easily accessible.

These can fit inside any drawer and allow you to keep the coffee pods organized and separated based on strength, brand, and coffee type. Some drawer inserts have multiple compartments to help you do this.

2. Glass jars

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One method of organizing and storing coffee pods is by repurposing glass jars, like these mason jars from Amazon. They are inexpensive, come in a variety of sizes, and keep pods to hand. This not only keeps them organized but also adds a decorative touch to your kitchen.

Apothecary glass jars and cookie jars can also be used to add some charm to the space and allow you to see when it’s time to restock. When storing coffee grounds, on the other hand, it's best to use opaque containers to keep them as fresh as possible.

3. Lazy Susans

According to Rosie Elliot, the owner of Kitchen Appliance Answer, lazy susans are another great organizing tool for pods.

‘Spin it to find the flavor you want!’ she says. ‘I have used these to create pod carousels inside kitchen cabinets before. The 360 access makes it easy to see and grab what you need.’

Lazy susans, like these from Amazon, can be placed either in a pantry or on one of your kitchen work surfaces. By removing the pods from their boxes, you can stack and display the pods and get rid of the unnecessary packaging from your home.

rosie elliot
Rosie Elliot

Rosie Elliot is a veteran kitchen designer and professional chef with experience in Western, Mediterranean, and Italian influences. She runs a kitchen-focused blog that shares design and culinary tips for homeowners of all cooking abilities. 

4. Utilize vertical space

If space is tight, you can use a vertical coffee pod organizer, currently reduced at Wayfair. ‘You can screw them to the inside of cabinet doors to take advantage of that wasted space,’ suggests professional organizer Amy Berryhill.

Using a wall-mounted holder or installing magnetic strips to the inside of a cabinet door is a great space-saving method that is not only visually appealing but also saves counter space and keeps your coffee pods within reach.

amy berryhill professional home organizer
Amy Berryhill

Amy is a professional home organizer in the San Francisco Bay area and has organized hundreds of kitchens. She founded Spiffy Chicks Organizing in 2007, with an aim to help people who struggle with the stress and anxiety of untidy spaces.

5. Labeling

No matter what system you choose, labels are a must. ‘I love using a label maker to identify coffee names, flavors and roast dates on the storage containers or the pods themselves,’ says interior designer Chantelle Malarkey

Organization is useless if you can't find what you need. By labeling your coffee pod storage containers you will be able to locate the correct pod type when you need it.

Chantelle Malarkey
Chantelle Malarkey

Chantelle Malarkey is an interior designer and photographer who inspires others to follow their dreams and transform every space into its most beautiful version. 


Do coffee pods ever go bad?

Coffee pods do not technically go bad and therefore do not necessarily need an expiry date. But for best results, you should use them within the shelf life of 12 months.

Remember to choose an organizing method that suits your kitchen layout and personal preferences. Consider factors such as accessibility, space availability, and aesthetics when organizing your coffee pods. You could even get creative and make your own coffee pod holders using materials like wood, PVC pipes, or repurposed containers.

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