5 coffee bar organization ideas – so you can keep your coffee station looking its best

We asked interiors experts and baristas for their coffee bar organization ideas. Here are their top tips for a chic and tidy coffee station

Three essentials for coffee bar organization ideas a pour-over coffee maker, gooseneck kettle, and coffee grinder on the countertop
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The glossy world of coffee can quickly descend into grounds, grease, and dried milk if don't have a streamlined coffee station, and our coffee bar organization ideas can set you up for success in a few simple steps.

Beautiful coffee bar ideas are all well and good, but if you can't keep this space neat and tidy, the area will not only look cluttered, it will become more difficult to use and enjoy, too. I spoke with interior design experts and baristas to find out how they keep their coffee bars looking chic and organized.

As a former barista, I had to learn about coffee organization quickly, so I've included some of my own advice too, from how to organize coffee mugs, coffee beans, and all your other coffee bar essentials. By following these coffee bar organization ideas, you'll have a spotless coffee station – even during the 8.30 am coffee rush.

1. Choosing the perfect place

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Choosing the right location for one of the best coffee makers is vital for maintaining an organized coffee bar.

Sarah Evans, founder of Bunafr coffee roasters, says 'proximity to a sink makes cleaning and filing your coffee maker significantly more convenient. Pick a spot that is easy to access, but not in the way, and you'll have a seamless flow throughout the whole coffee preparation process.' You'll feel a lot more organized when you're not carrying carafes of water across the room, trust me.

My test for any spot that might suit my coffee maker is asking: can I reach the bean hopper (if there is one) on top? And can I reach the reservoir at the back? The perfect kitchen countertop spot will ensure you can reach all parts of your coffee maker with ease.

You'll also benefit from paring back what you keep out on the countertop. Kayla Stavridis, former Starbucks barista, says 'keep your favorite beans and pods in a reachable position. Your special cups and extra supplies can be stored away in cupboards, canisters, or on shelves. This means you'll have easy access and sight of exactly what you need, rather than having to empty baskets and drawers to find everything you need for your perfect cup of coffee'.

2. Set a theme for your coffee station

A green coffee station with wooden shelves and a silver coffee machine.

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By embracing a particular color scheme or material across your coffee station, you will create a more visually appealing and well-thought out look,  helping the space to appear more ordered and put together.

Kayla Stavridis, former barista, recommends starting with functional, but attractive organizer accessories. She says 'keep it simple and don't overcrowd your space with lots of items, gadgets, and organizers. Use trays and baskets to group items together and keep the area tidy. A small stylish mat under your coffee maker can catch drips and make the whole clean-up process easier too.'

You're chosen organizer accessories and overall theme need to work in perfect harmony with your sense of style. Jee Chloe, SCA-certified coffee expert, says 'my station has a marble tray, which I use to showcase my favorite bean varieties. I pair this with simple gray, cream, and black organizer accessories in natural materials.'

3. Storing your coffee pods, beans, and grounds

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Aside from organizing your actual coffee maker, you'll need some other storage ideas. Our experts have done a deep dive into how to store coffee beans, and also have lots of ideas for storing coffee pods and grounds, but here are the headlines.

Jee Chloe, SCA-certified coffee expert, says 'for pods and packages of coffee grounds, I've found decorative boxes and drawer inserts a brilliant way to keep everything tidy and visible. I've seen lots of people using pod bean dispensers, like these from Amazon, which are highly useful, and, with the right light, you can get a chic, modern look without having to spend a lot of money.'

Coffee beans and grounds are best stored in opaque, airtight canisters. This is what baristas use in coffee shops (as well as in their own homes). I've written a buying guide for the best coffee canisters on the market, but I've included three of my favorites below. 

4. Keeping your cups organized

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For coffee bar organization ideas, it's always important to keep your coffee cups in order. I've covered what makes the best espresso cups, cappuccino cups, and general coffee mugs in our dedicated buying guides, but the ones that are consistently my favorites are stackable. You can seamlessly keep them looking smart without needing to buy any extra organizers.

If your collection looks a little more eclectic, don't worry. Our team of experts have already covered in deep detail how to organize coffee mugs. You can keep them in drawers, hanging off hooks, on mug trees, and more.

Amy Berryhill, a professional organizer, says to 'put coffee cups, travel mugs, and everything you need to make your coffee in this area,' Amy says that something as simple as 'lining up cups in the same direction (i.e. all handles pointing to the right) can give a clean and calm visual when you open the cabinet.'

5. Other tips and tricks for organizing your coffee station

A navy blue coffee bar with a silver coffee machine and a built-in sink.

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There's no end of coffee bar organization ideas that you can use in your coffee station, so don't be afraid to experiment with what works for you. Some people look for a built-in coffee maker, so they can tuck away cables and drains. Others only need short-term ideas for coffee bars in small spaces or cupboards.

Kayla Stavridis, a former barista, offered me some extra tips which often get overlooked when people are seeking coffee organization ideas. She emphasized thinking practically. 'Keep items you regularly use close to the front of your coffee station. To do this, you'll need to avoid overcrowding. Only keep your favorite, most-used coffee gadgets on display, it'll help you work more functionally and less hectically.' Trust her, she worked at Starbucks.

Kayla also recommends regular maintenance. 'If you keep your coffee machine clean, it will look better and ensure your coffee tastes better too. Plus, if everything looks good and runs smoothly, it will help to imbue your coffee bar with an 'organized' feel.'

She also says 'creating a home coffee station is more than just setting up a coffee maker, it's about designing a space that invites you to enjoy brewing your coffee. With planning, personalization, and maintenance, your coffee station will serve you good coffee whilst adding to the charm of your home.'

For more coffee station inspiration, we explore ideas for designing a coffee station in our dedicated feature.

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