Best coffee mugs 2024 – for barista-approved brews

Enjoy a cup of joe in style with our selection of the best coffee mugs

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There's a surprising amount of complexity behind the best coffee mugs on the market. It's not just a matter of style and sentimentality: your mug will affect the flavors of your coffee.

Relatively new research has shown that the weight, shape, colors, and materials will change how much you enjoy your coffee and the flavor notes that you can detect. Even if you own one of the best coffee makers in the world, without knowing it, you could be limited by your cup. 

There are, of course, already different cups and mugs for different hot drinks. As a former barista, I'm familiar with the best espresso cups, long latte mugs, and cozy cappuccino cups you enjoy in your local cafe. I've taken my expertise, paired it with research into cup psychology, and curated a list of the best mugs on the market.

After hours of researching the best cappuccino cups, mug sets, and smart options available, I've created a list covering all coffee options. They'll keep your coffee hot, whilst the handles stay cool, and will look slick whilst doing so. From stackable and space-saving to sturdy and heavy-duty, these mugs offer the familiarity of your favorite cafe, but from the comfort of your own home.

Best coffee mugs

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How to choose the best coffee mug for you

As I mentioned earlier, there's a lot behind the psychology of your coffee cup, so, whilst you need to consider buying your coffee cups in a set; the aesthetics of them; and the price, there are some equally important factors you'll need to take into account too.

I've thought about these for you, but it can never hurt to learn a little bit about why these are the best.

The average coffee cup should be between seven and eight ounces. I like a large cup of coffee, so my go-tos are closer to 15 oz. If you really only drink flat whites, you'll want a smaller cup, around 5 oz. It's important to choose an appropriate size, because if your cup is too small, your coffee will overflow. If it's too big, your coffee will cool quickly.

The composition of your coffee cup is largely a subjective choice. If you want to look at the physics, ceramic and porcelain are going to insulate your coffee much better than glass, which will cool quicker. If you prefer sipping cooler coffee, you'll want to opt for a glass cup. 

Weight and thickness
This is important for how easy your cup is to hold, but it will also affect how good your coffee cup is at insulating. The thicker the base and walls of your coffee cup, generally means that they'll keep your coffee hot, even as you sip your way through your mug.

Not every mug has a handle. In fact, handleless mugs can feel very natural and comforting to hold. They often look modern and sleek too. The shape of a handle can make all the difference to your cup experience. Round handles look nice, but they can be difficult to get good purchase on. If there's a flat top, it can be easier to get some leverage. It's also important that the handle has enough room for you to get your fingers through.

Some coffee cups come with a saucer, or they can even have smart technology and extra insulating and thermoregulating features. You might pay more for these features, but if you think they're worth it, then you should splurge.

If you want to learn more about psychology and the technicalities behind your coffee cup, I strongly recommend reading the book Gastrophysics, which is available at Amazon. It’s packed with really insights about how the utensils we drink from can shape our perceptions of foods and it informed how I chose the coffee cups on this list.

How we researched these coffee mugs

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At Homes & Gardens, we are committed to giving you expert advice. That’s why we made sure we do thorough research before recommending any product to you.

I’ve scrolled through hundreds of expert and customer reviews to find the most popular, most prestigious coffee cups on the market. I’ve made long lists and shortlists and even shorter shortlists of what the market has to offer. Combined with personal experience both as a barista and with some of these mugs, I’ve got all the information you need to make a secure decision on which coffee cups are the best.

If you're interested in finding out more, we have a page dedicated to how we test.

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