6 Things people with nice-smelling bedrooms never do

These bad habits are avoided by people who prioritize a nice-smelling bedroom

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Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary, a place where you retreat to in order to unwind and recharge. The scents in this space can have a powerful impact on your mood and overall well-being and should be on the top of your list when making your home smell nice.

Having a clean and nice-smelling bedroom will also help you to be happier at home. Our sense of smell is one that evokes emotion the most and therefore should be a priority for the place where we start and finish our day.

Cleaning a bedroom regularly is one of the ways to maintain a nice-smelling sleep space, however, it's also worth considering what not to do. Here, our experts explain exactly what people with nice-smelling bedrooms never do to make their space as calm and relaxing as it can be.

6 Things people with nice-smelling bedrooms never do

Maintaining a bedroom with a pleasant scent involves various practices and habits that people with nice-smelling bedrooms tend to follow. Below are seven things they typically avoid.

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1. Neglect cleaning

Nasty smells can accumulate in the bedroom if it is not cleaned correctly and people with nice-smelling bedrooms understand the importance of regular cleaning. Knowing how to clean a bedroom is an important skill that will enable you to keep your bedroom smelling nice and clean all the time.

‘People with fresh-smelling bedrooms aren’t sporadic with their cleaning schedule,’ says Karina Toner, operations manager at Spekless Cleaning. ‘They avoid allowing dust and dirt to accumulate because they know these can lead to musty odors.’

Regular cleaning, including dusting, vacuuming, and mopping all surfaces. You should also pay special attention to areas that are prone to odors, such as the trash can. A full trash can can be a major source of unpleasant odors in any room, especially in the bedroom.

Be sure to empty your trash can regularly, and take out any trash bags that are full of food waste or other items. You may also want to consider using one with a lid, like this trash can from Amazon, to help keep odors trapped inside.

Karina Toner
Karina Toner

Karina is the operations manager at Spekless Cleaning, a trusted maid service based in Washington D.C. The team has over five years of experience providing top-quality cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Karina oversees every aspect of the business, ensuring that every client gets the same top-notch service and a spotless clean every time. 

2. Leave dirty laundry on the floor

One of the biggest culprits for a bad-smelling bedroom is leaving dirty laundry on the floor. Dirty clothes can trap odor and bacteria, making the room smell musty, especially if left in the bedroom for an extended period.

People with nice-smelling bedrooms make it a habit to promptly remove dirty laundry and keep it in a designated laundry area or hamper, like this wicker laundry basket from Wayfair. And if you have any dirty clothes that need to be washed right away, hang them up or put them in a sealed bag until you have time to wash them. 

3. Forget the mattress

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‘People with fresh-smelling bedrooms pay attention to their mattresses,’ says Muffetta Krueger, founder of Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants. ‘They know that mattresses can trap odors over time.’

To keep your bedroom smelling fresh, periodically vacuum your mattress, sprinkle baking soda on it, let it sit for a few hours, and then vacuum again. The Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon is a great all-round vacuum that also illuminates invisible dust that you can’t normally see so that you will be able to ensure all of the dust and dirt is collected. This simple routine can help eliminate odors and keep your mattress fresh.

Another method to try when cleaning a mattress is to rotate and flip it regularly, this way the air does not become stale and you can free up dust and dirt that would otherwise accumulate.

Muffetta Krueger

Muffetta Krueger is a cleaning expert and founder of Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants with over 16 years of operational management experience in the service industry. Muffetta’s Domestic Assistants provides housekeepers, house cleaners and maids, and is based in New York. 

4. Use strong air fresheners

While it may be tempting to use overpowering air fresheners to mask bad odors, I caution against it,’ says Kait Schulhof, cleaning expert and founder of A Clean Bee. ‘Overusing artificial air fresheners or strongly scented candles can be overwhelming and unpleasant.’

These products often contain harsh chemicals that can irritate our lungs and contribute to indoor air pollution. People with nice-smelling bedrooms opt for subtle, natural fragrances or essential oils for a more soothing atmosphere.

Try scents that harmonize with the different times of the year. Citrus scents for spring, floral notes for summer, woody and spicy aromas for fall, and cozy vanilla or cinnamon for winter. By incorporating scents that align with the seasons, like this Cythera Aromatique Room Spray from Aesop, you'll create an ever-evolving aromatic experience that captivates the senses. 

Kait Schulhof

Kait Schulhof is the founder of A Clean Bee, a website about sustainability-focused cleaning and organizing 

5. Overlook proper ventilation

Proper ventilation is crucial for keeping a bedroom smelling fresh. While it's essential to maintain a comfortable temperature, don't keep your bedroom windows closed all the time.

Opening windows to let in fresh air, especially during mild weather, can help circulate and refresh the room's atmosphere, and using a fan or air purifier to circulate and filter the air. If you have a ceiling fan, home servicing expert Tommy Mello, suggests running it counterclockwise in the summer to help circulate cool air. And in the winter, run it clockwise to help circulate warm air.

Also, make sure you know how to clean a window air conditioning unit and heating filters as they can trap dust and odors.  

Tommy Mello
Tommy Mello

Tommy Mello is an entrepreneur, a home service/DIY expert, and the founder of A1 Garage Door Service, a leader in the home service industry. Founded in 2007, A1 Garage Door Service has grown to be a leader in the home-service industry.  

6. Allow pets on the bed

bed with side table and wallpaper

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Pets can bring joy and companionship, but they can also contribute to odors in the bedroom, such as pet dander or accidents. People with nice-smelling bedrooms establish boundaries and do not allow pets on the bed. Cleaning expert Katie Lambert suggests providing them with a cozy bed of their own, like this one from Wayfair, in another part of the room, or even in the hallway.

Also, make sure pets are clean and groomed. Dirty or smelly pets can introduce odors into the bedroom. Regular grooming and cleaning of pet bedding can help maintain a fresh scent.

Katie Lambert

Katie is the founder of Clean Queen Denver a cleaning service that has been in business since April 2018 and serves over 250 families in the north Denver, Arvada, Westminster, Broomfield area. They use natural-eco friendly products that are safe for your family and pets.  


Why can bedrooms smell after sleeping?

If your bedroom is not appropriately ventilated, the moisture from our breath has no place to go and will build up in the coldest areas in your bedroom. Over time this can lead to an excess of dampness and can cause mold to grow. This will in turn produce a bad smell throughout your bedroom.

A welcoming, fresh-smelling bedroom is a sanctuary for relaxation and rest. Achieving this may seem like a daily challenge, but by following these practices and avoiding the mentioned habits, you can create a bedroom with a pleasant, inviting scent that promotes relaxation and a better sleep environment.

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Contributing Editor

Seraphina is a contributing editor at Homes & Gardens, writing Solved features on organizing and storage. She loves to decorate and also grow her own produce from her home in London. Her previous experience includes working at Women's Health and Fabulous Magazine.