I'm a product tester, and you need these heatwave products during extreme temperatures

Keep cool and refreshed with these heatwave products. Chosen to help prevent sleepless nights and humid days, our experts suggest fans, bedding, and more

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Fierce heatwaves guarantee hot and humid days with no let-up in the sticky night time. However, if you have the best heatwave essentials, even when the barometers soar, the temperatures in your home won't. 

I spoke with AC experts, sleep specialists, and medical professionals, to find authoritative advice on how to handle this record-breaking heatwave. They offered me around-the-house tips, best appliances to buy, and some cooling tricks to help for all hours of the day.

Aside from appliances like fans and portable air conditioning units, we've considered your sleep routine too, with recommendations for the best cooling bedding and pillows. We've got essentials for every room in the house and there's something for every budget.

All of these products are widely available from retailers, such as Walmart and QVC. You can order them and have your house cool within a day, so there's no need to break a sweat. 

Ventilation is vital

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If you don't have the benefits of a built-in air conditioning system, or your home system needs a helping hand, you'll want a portable fan with you wherever you go. Josh Mitchell, from Air Conditioner Lab, recommends investing in portable systems, especially when the heat gets more intense. He described these appliances as 'lifesavers' and had some special recommendations of his own.

Air conditioning expert
Josh Mitchell ACLAB
Air conditioning expert
Josh Mitchell

Josh is an HVAC expert and the owner of Air Conditioner Lab. He's spent years researching and evaluating the best cooling solutions for a variety of environments and heat situations. He has personal experience with a number of cooling appliances.

Refreshing rest essentials

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Sticky, sweaty, and sleepless nights can feel torturous. Luckily, our sleep expert, Louise, has literally written the guide for the best cooliIng bedding. She's tried the best bedding on the market, from big brands to smaller, newer companies so you can trust her recommendations. She says to look for linen, bamboo, eucalyptus, tencel, or cotton bedding because 'these are the materials with natural cooling properties'. In other words, avoid polyester. 

Alongside bedding, I'd personally recommend buying a cooling eye mask like this from Walmart. It's not for everyone, but I've found that if you keep one in the refrigerator and wear it at night it really makes a difference. 

Sleep editor
Louise Oliphant in a white shirt, sitting in a restaurant
Sleep editor
Louise Oliphant

Louise is our eCommerce Editor and sleep specialist to help you wind down well. A connoisseur of the mattress world, Louise previously covered sleep and wellness (as well as the occasional organizational buy) at Real Homes, and has tried, tested, and reviewed some of the best bedding buys for your bedroom.

Around the house

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Keeping the whole house cool can feel like quite a task. George Brown, indoor gardening specialist, has mastered the art of maintaining optimal temperatures in various environments. He recommends blackout curtains or blinds amongst a range of appliances to help keep heat out and your home cool. Other experts recommend applying window film like this Titanium roll from Home Depot to reflect the heat from your home. Once inside, there are a few other things you can do too.

Temperature and garden expert
George Brown
Temperature and garden expert
George Brown

George Brown, the visionary behind UrbanLeafy, has spent years mastering the art of maintaining optimal temperatures in various environments. He's also a self-confessed 'sweaty person', who has had to find some effective tricks for himself.

A few extras

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Fans, AC, and blackout curtains are the key ways in which you can beat the heatwave at home. However, lots of experts recommended that I try a few fun extra cooling hacks. Aside from always having a double-walled water bottle to hand, you can use essential oils and cool drinks to stay refreshed.

Holistic health expert
Guillaume van de Laar
Holistic health expert
Guillaume van de Laar

Guillaume van de Laar is the CEO and founder of CBD Sense, a site dedicated to holistic health remedies. He believes in the power of natural solutions to everyday problems, including heat waves.


What should I buy for a heatwave?

You'll want some basics to-hand in a heatwave like this. Firstly, a water bottle is essential for keeping you cool. It's also useful to have a fan, air purifier, or portable AC around, so that you can keep whichever room you're in cool. Having a cooling mist to spray on your skin can also give instant relief, especially when you're on the go.

What is the best thing to keep you cool in a heatwave?

It's good to have water, fans, and a cooling spray nearby in any heatwave. Also make sure to keep in the shade and inside during the peak times of the day and try to avoid any activities which could unnecessarily heat up your house.

Should I sleep with the AC on?

Experts recommend that you don't sleep with fans or AC on at night. They keep you cool, but they're not the best for your health and energy bills. Our team of experts did a deep dive to find out why and you can read more in our dedicated article.

Are there any DIY ways to cool my house>

Some experts recommended hanging a wet sheet in front of the window. When air passes through the damp material, the moisture will cool it off. They also recommended placing a bowl of ice in front of a fan and it will blow cool air over you.

Should I keep my window closed in a heatwave?

The general rule is that you open windows in your home if it's hotter inside the house than it is outside. In a heatwave, you're probably best to keep your windows closed and blackout blinds down. If you want to open them, you're best to get some airflow at night when the temperature drops a little.

Our Verdict

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There are plenty of ways to keep cool during the heatwave. It's worth investing in a fan or air purifier, because they'll be useful, even outside of the peak heatwave period. Just make sure that you place your fans, air purifiers, and other cooling devices appropriately. Some experts recommend having fans below your window to blow cold air, whilst others will tell you to have them as close to you as possible. You can experiment with what works for you, just make sure to follow general safety guidance too.

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