America Ferrera's living room champions a 'tricky' color trend, but designers say she pulls it off to perfection

America utilizes a difficult color scheme for a bold and stunning effect – here's why the look works so well

America Ferrera
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Though red is one of the trendiest colors of the year, it's a divisive choice in interiors. When not tastefully done, the shade can easily become 'too much.' This is markedly not the case in America Ferrera's living room.

The Oscar-nominated actress debuted her red living room idea on Instagram, where fans were quick to note the combination of brick red walls with a boldly patterned kilim sofa. 

Though this combination could quickly become garish, America's red living room exercises the perfect level of restraint for a stunning and stylish presentation of the color trend.

'Red can be a tricky color to use as the lead color in an interior design motif, but America Ferrera gets it just right with her terra cotta wall paint paired with a boho-chic kilim bench,' says Kathy Kuo, a celebrated interior designer and the founder of Kathy Kuo Home of the actress's daring living room.

kathy kuo home
Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

Kathy continues, 'Kilim prints feel equal parts timeless and bold, making them the perfect accent to a red wall color. Overall, the effect here is inviting, stylish, and full of warmth and personality.' Patterns like these feel like a unique way to decorate with art.

'Warm' and 'welcoming' seem to be the names of the game in America Ferrera's space, of which the couch is a central feature. Karen Loc, interior designer and founder of Lore Design, states: 'The room is pulled together beautifully with striking patterns and textures. America's living room sofa is a kaleidoscope of red, oranges, and yellows, bringing a vibrant and lively energy to the room that captures your attention at first glance.'

karen loc of lore design inc.
Karen Loc

Karen Loc is the interior designer and founder of Lore Design Inc. where
she shows nervous renovators that designing a home can be fun and painless.
She brings a fresh perspective to classic design that is tailored for
modern living. Karen is located in New York City and has worked for world
renowned designers and brands like Adam Tihany, Rafael Vinoly, and Morgan

Karen continues, 'America's living room rugs are soft soothing elements that create a cozy atmosphere perfect for intimate gatherings or having quiet time at home. The antique rug pattern echoes the historic detailing of the sofa grounding her room in the richness of the past while still feeling fresh and modern. This makes for a timeless look that will continue to feel unique and special for years to come.'

By applying bold colors and patterns subtly, America Ferrera creates a truly stunning space. We'll be taking a page out of her book and decorating with red in every room possible in the year ahead.  

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