Anne Hathaway's rustic dining room is a testament to the 'longevity and timeless quality' of this wall decor trend

Create cozy, cabin-inspired spaces, perfect for hibernating in this winter, by decorating with natural materials, such as timber wall panels

Anne Hathaway
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Actress Anne Hathaway and her husband jewelry designer Adam Shulman, have imbued their Californian retreat with a fairy-tale wonder, and timeless charm, and filled with long-lasting materials. 

Given today’s technology-saturated world, the idea of retreating to a remote cabin to reconnect with nature has never been more appealing. With humble beginnings as rudimentary, functional shelters, they have evolved across the centuries to become permanent residences and boutique stays. Therefore, crafting a dining room that puts traditional cabin decor, warmth, and comfort at the heart was key for interior designer Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri. The dark timber wall panels, often associated with period homes or traditional interiors, add a sophisticated elegance that is unmatched. 

Wood-clad walls are synonymous with the cabin look, but when it comes to wall paneling ideas, there are many styles available to suit the age of your house and personal taste. Some incorporate a richer effect, such as hand-carved friezes and pilasters, others have a traditional aged and polished finish, and some, such as the Tudor linenfold, are highly decorative.

The formal dining room, being the most original, untouched part of the house, has retained its beautifully aged Douglas fir paneled walls.

In a conversation with Homes & Gardens contributor, Juilet Benning, Shamshiri says: ‘We wanted to preserve as much of the original “bones” of the house as possible,’ says Pamela. Great effort was made to choose furnishings that would suit the period. With Anne and Adam enthusiastic collectors of antiques and mid-century, especially Italian, design pieces the house is articulated with intriguing furnishings and artworks.'

Paneling ideas for dining rooms can be a work of art in itself – and it needn't be solely architectural. Here, bespoke paneling made from wood is the accent wall of our dreams, created to dominate and set the tone for this living space. 

In period properties, wall paneling that matches or complements the original style and architecture of the property is a wonderful way of marrying old with new. Alternatively, in a plain room lacking decorative details or any original architecture, adding a paneled area is a clever way of bringing character to a featureless space. An additional bonus is the sound insulation it offers from the world outside.

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