Anthony Hopkins seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living with a design trick that's so easy to replicate

The actor's piano corner is an aspirational space for relaxation and harmonious living – no matter the time of year

Anthony Hopkins
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One of the only things more delightful than Anthony Hopkins himself is his Instagram page, and we are particularly inspired by a video of him playing piano. 

While his musical skills are evident, it's what's behind him that struck us – a gorgeous garden, peacefully within view behind a glass wall, mirrored by an adjacent, large nature-inspired painting. 

Creating a flow between indoor and outdoor living areas can make a space feel harmonious, balanced, and incredibly pleasing to look at. If you have any sort of outdoor space that you want to emphasize, it's best to accent their features – and designers agree.

‘Do you overlook magnificent countryside, an eye-catching coastline, a great garden or patio area? Work around these stunning views,' says designer Tom Howley. 'Make use of windows to frame landscapes and install sliding glass or bi-fold doors along the full width of your living space to fully open up and extend your home. If you have a dining zone, place your seating and table accordingly to take advantage of the impressive view.' 

Tom Howley
Tom Howley

According to Tom, the key to this blend is actually in spaces from one another.

‘If you love socializing or have a large family, create separate zones for relaxing, eating, and entertaining. A chill-out zone outdoors with comfortable, waterproof seating is a great idea for children,' he explains. 'Where creating an idyllic zen reading corner with woven chairs and moody outdoor lighting is ideal for relaxing at the weekend.’ 

Short on space? Isabel Fernandez, Director at Quorn Stone, recommends merging your kitchen and garden by extending your indoor flooring onto courtyards and patios, ‘to give the illusion of more space, we recommend going with a larger paver size such as 900 x 600 or 800 x 800,' she says.

'The larger the paver, the less grout, and therefore, it helps to create a seamless space that isn’t broken up by numerous grout lines. We also recommend choosing a grout color that is a close color match to the paver itself – again, this helps the grout to blend in with the pavers and gives the illusion of a larger area,' she explains.

Isabel Fernandez
Isabel Fernandez

Isabel Fernandez is the director of Quorn Stone, the luxury stone company that began importing artisan hand-painted terracotta tiles from Manises, Spain, in 1995. The company has an extensive of stone, including limestone, marble, and porcelain, as well as smaller format tiles such as metros and patterned ceramics.

We've curated a few items to create the zen-like quality that Tom talks about (and which Anthony seems to have achieved already).

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