Bobby Berk's simple but effective organizing tip is a bite-size way to keep on top of tidying

In an exclusive interview, the Queer Eye alum says home organization isn't 'rocket science' – if we follow this easy tip

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An organizing to-do list can get overwhelmingly long quickly. From drawers to cupboards to closets to entire rooms, there's a sense that it all has to be done at once. 

But what if you didn't have to think about it all at once? What if the path to a fully organized home could begin with a commitment of 20 minutes or less? In our exclusive interview with Bobby Berk on his partnership with Spotify, he assured us that this is absolutely the case.

When asked his top organizational tip, Berk responded: 'None of these are rocket science or something groundbreaking,  but you know, a lot of times people have a really hard time just starting. Just starting the project. They'll try to take on something too big like they'll want to organize their entire closet and that can be a lot.'

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Instead of making this common home organization mistake, Berk recommends taking on your reorganizing in much smaller chunks.

Berk told Homes & Gardens: 'I always say start out small start with your junk drawer or, start with your bathroom cabinet. Because once you complete one of those zones and have a sense of achievement, it gives you those endorphins and catapults you on to do more.' 

Taking these small, achievable steps can help you fall in love with organizing. When it becomes about a sense of accomplishment, it's all the easier to become invested (and don't forget we have incredible guides for organizing each smaller zone of the home on our site!).

He continued, 'So start small. Don't try to clean out your whole garage in one day because you're gonna get discouraged and you're not going to finish it and it's going to prevent you from doing other things. So start small and work your way up, don't try to bite off more than you can chew.' Even though it seems like simple advice, it's easier said than done.

When it comes to organizing your home, it's easier than you think. Breaking it down with Berk's advice is the first step.

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