Brittny Button used this one furnishing to 'completely elevate' her living space – and her technique is easily replicable

The Calabasas home is a masterclass in timeless design, starting with a piece that will tie any living space together

Courtesy of Brittny Button
(Image credit: Courtesy of Brittny Button)

Fresh from the completion of her Calabasas home renovation, Brittny Button is no stranger to the rollercoaster of a redesign. The designer, who created a neutral abode for herself and her husband, F1 star Jenson Button, had a timeless ideology in mind. However, the key to an ageless space begins with the floor. 

While the question of how to both elevate and future-proof a space often sparks conversations of color, Brittny explains that a certain soft furnishing is similarly impactful. The piece in question? A rug

'I just finished decorating my dining room, and I wasn't sure if I should include a rug because I was already pleased with how it looked without one. However, I then tried a rug, and it completely elevated the space,' she says in an exclusive interview with H&G

'I used a rug from the 1920s with gold burgundy tones with hints of brown. I got it on Facebook Marketplace for a few 100 bucks, but it totally improved the space – it added texture and made the room feel instantly more luxurious.'

Brittny Button

(Image credit: Courtesy of Brittny Button)

'It taught me that a rug can make or break a space, so it’s worth investing in something that’s great quality. It’s a bigger decision than it initially seems – you have to choose the right rug for everything to sort of come together and transform the space.'

Brittny Button
Brittny Button

Brittny is the founder and lead designer of Button Atelier, based in Los Angeles. She is the wife of Formula One World Champion Jenson Button and has had her work featured in design publications internationally.

Recognizing the power of this piece is one thing, but knowing the best places to buy rugs is another. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Brittny, famously an advocate for all things vintage, recommends investing in pieces that have already stood the test of time. 

'I would recommend going vintage. You can often spill things on vintage rugs, and they come up clean. It's like they're indestructible,' she says.

Brittny Button

(Image credit: Courtesy of Brittny Button)

Decorating with rugs is an impactful way to improve the feel of a room, but as hinted, the right colors are similarly vital to success. 

'I have lots of neutrals in my home. The walls are plaster, and I have used washed paint around the arches. I am the person who walks into a neutral space and feels calmer and more peaceful,' Brittny says. 

'However, if you love bright colors and it's not just a passing trend of the moment, then go for bright colors. You have to do what makes you feel happy in your environment. Don't look too much to others, but go with how you feel and choose the things that grab you the most – that's the most important.'

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