This is how Christina Hendricks' professional organizer designed her linen closet for optimal storage

The Mad Men star's spacious linen closet has infinite potential for storage options – and we asked an expert for their top tips

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For some, the linen closet is a source of pride, joy, and expert organization. Others may find this particular closet a difficult code to crack, with fitted sheets stuffed into shelves alongside bath towels. Regardless of stance, here at H&G we are always on the lookout for new ways to utilize this storage space.

We recently stumbled upon a video of Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' linen closet, as presented by Linda Koopersmith, AKA Beverly Hills Organizer. 'Take a look at the linen closet,' Kooperstein says in the clip. 'It's now recessed in the bathroom.' The location has allowed for ample space within the closet; as such, we are considering ways to organize a linen closet.

The first debate of closet organization: Should towels be rolled or folded? An expert has weighed in, giving us insight into linen closet storage strategies.

'One of my favorite tricks is to roll towels instead of folding them,' says Tina Priestly, owner & CEO at Ready, Set, Refresh. 'Not only does this save space, but it also gives your closet a spa-like feel.'

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Gibbons says she likes to group similar items together so sheets with sheets and towels with towels and also recommends storing linens in clear, plastic bins for easy access.

'Labels are your best friend here, helping everyone in the house know exactly where things go,' she says.

It's also crucial to be mindful of the space available and ensure to utilize it wisely. For those with smaller linen closets, high shelves are heroes.

'Another tip is to make use of vertical space,' Priestly says. 'Install extra shelves or use stackable bins to keep everything accessible but off the floor. I also love adding a sachet of lavender or cedar blocks to keep things smelling fresh and free of pests.'

An important reminder is also to keep track of items that are no longer being used, and instead of having them take up space, clear some room by donating.

'A linen closet should be a place of calm and order, not chaos,' Priestly states. 'By taking a few simple steps to organize, you can turn it into a serene and functional space that makes your everyday life just a little bit easier.'

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