Christina Hendricks' landing sees a retro-inspired trend reimagined as a timeless staple

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks' beige and cream, floral wallpaper is a subtle nod to the 60s style of the beloved TV series

Christina Hendricks
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Much like fashion, certain interior fixtures go in and out of style with the times. The 80s were marked by browns and chintz, while the 70s saw conversation pits and and hanging chairs in many a home. When thinking about the 60s, one design trend immediately comes to mind: wallpaper, particularly in oranges and yellows, often floral.

It makes sense, then, that Christina Hendricks, AKA Joan Harris in the critically-acclaimed, 60s-centric TV series Mad Men has taken some inspiration from the set decor and added a modern twist. The actor, who has also starred in Good Girls and Drive, posted a photo in her wallpapered hallway on Instagram, and the subtle floral pattern and beige-and-cream pallet perfectly balance the dark wood floors and ornate rug.

Although specific wallpaper patterns might feel dated (i.e. the aforementioned orange-dominated, flowery printed ones), utilizing more muted, neutral, or modern styles has much more longevity in the home.

'Accent walls and the use of wallpaper is a timeless trend,' says Amber Shay, national design director at Meritage Homes. 'It always comes back in style and never leaves completely.'

Amber Shay
Amber Shay

Amber Shay is the National VP of Design Studios at Meritage Homes, a real estate and construction company based in the United States.

One of the main benefits of wallpaper over paint is that different prints can create high levels of texture and dimension. Some wallpapers even imitate the finishes of natural materials like wood or stone, while choosing one with metallic flecks can tie in other shiny room details, such as lamps or chandeliers.

'Updating a wall by using Grasscloth wallpaper or repainting a room with textured paint like Portola Paints's  Roman Clay or Sherwin-Williams Limewash are an easy way to add more personality to any home,' Shay suggests. 'For those who aren’t quite ready to commit a wall color update, you can use grass clippings, tree branches, and wildflowers to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind arrangements that can be used as accent pieces.'

green wallpapered entryway with tiled monochrome floor

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As far as decorating around the wallpaper, Shay suggests maintaining visual interest via further furnishings and accessories; for example, Hendricks' rug, metallic mirror frame, and crystal chandelier.

'Layering textures such as mirrors, woven baskets, and rugs with rich warm tones and cozy elements such as candles and lamps are also trending as a way to incorporate prints,' she says. 'Consider adding warm-toned blankets and throw pillow to your space.'

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Below, find some modern wallpapers that are suitable for making a space feel trendy yet timeless. We dare say they'll look just as good in four decades' time (and so, are a worthy investment).

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