Colman Domingo's understated patio uses a 'harmonious combination' of materials for a warming, classic design

The back patio on the actor's home conveys instant charm – interior designers explain how the materials he has chosen are a perfect pairing

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As summer sets in, we are trawling for patio inspiration that makes you say, 'Wow.' Colman Domingo's outdoor space does not disappoint.

Domingo's patio idea is a warm neutral masterpiece: the actor and playwright's back porch creatively blends textures, materials, and colors for a cozy, welcoming feel. A set of mid-century-modern wicker chairs centers the space, while different sizes of terracotta planters add visual interest. Both are set against a backdrop of brick with intricate black iron details. According to the photographer Jenna Peffley, Domingo and his partner designed the entire home.

Interior designers laud the actor's patio design choices. 'Colman Domingo showcases impeccable style and creativity in his stunning patio design,' says Nina Lichtenstein, Westchester-based interior designer. She continues,' From the harmonious combination of brown wicker chairs with terracotta container gardens to the artful coordination of furniture with the brick exterior of his home, every element of Colman Domingo's patio reflects a sophisticated yet inviting outdoor retreat.'

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Domingo's combination of wicker furniture with terracotta pots especially stands out. 'A traditional and rich tone, terracotta adds warmth and an instant Mediterranean charm. Pairing terracotta with wicker accents enhances the overall aesthetic, as wicker’s natural durability and versatile texture introduce additional warmth and depth,' says Melissa Read, London-based interior designer and creative director at Studio Burntwood.

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Melissa Read

Melissa Read is a leading Interior Designer and Founder of Studio Burntwood, a London-based interior design studio, specializing in luxury residential design for clients across the UK and globally. Their focus is on crafting timeless spaces that enhance clients' lifestyles.

She goes on, 'Terracotta and wicker not only grounds the design in natural elements but also creates a harmonious balance. Adding teals and greens as accent colors beautifully complements the scheme.'

Lichtenstein adds: 'The brown wicker chairs complement the earthy tones of terracotta, establishing a cohesive color palette that harmonizes with the outdoor surroundings. The woven texture of wicker chairs juxtaposed with the rustic texture of terracotta containers adds visual interest and tactile appeal to the patio space. Furthermore, the combination of wicker and terracotta evokes a connection to nature, fostering tranquility and relaxation in the outdoor setting.'

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces.

In addition to coordinating with each other, Domingo's patio furniture coordinates with his home. Lichtenstein tells Homes & Gardens: 'Colman Domingo's thoughtful coordination of furniture with the brick exterior and patio flooring of his home enhances the overall aesthetic unity of the patio. The choice of furniture color complements the natural hues of the brick exterior and flooring, creating a seamless transition and connection between the house and the outdoor space.'

She adds, 'By coordinating furniture with the existing architectural elements, Colman Domingo achieves visual continuity and balance throughout the patio area. The cohesive color scheme adds warmth and character to the patio, infusing the outdoor space with a sense of comfort and familiarity.'

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Colman Domingo's patio is perfect for textural patio inspiration. Once you've seen it, his artful combination of wicker furniture with terracotta planters against a brick house is difficult to forget.

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