Exclusive: Drew Barrymore wanted to create homeware we 'don't often see' – the result is a masterclass in design

Barrymore is reshaping our interiors, starting with 'the most important room in our home' – she shares all with H&G

Drew Barrymore
(Image credit: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore)

Actress, talk-show host, and film producer Drew Barrymore has another role for her résumé: furniture designer. 

Together with entrepreneur Shae Hong, she launched her (aptly named) Beautiful brand in 2021, and in the last three years, it has evolved into one of America's chicest homeware labels. The ethos behind Beautiful was simple: to create the things she 'wanted to see in the world' – and in 2024, this ideology remains the same. 

'I decided to team up with Shae Hong, who is the master of the kitchen with his brand Made by Gather, to create something unique that is different from other products on the market,' Barrymore says in an exclusive interview with H&G.

'We wanted to add color and new innovation to existing kitchenware items and also create new appliances, tools, and cookware for the most important room in our home, the kitchen. It's the room where you create memories or cook up your favorite comfort meal – it's the heart of the home – and we wanted to bring high-level tech but with more color and happiness added to it.'

Beautiful by Drew

(Image credit: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore)

As Barrymore mentions, Beautiful is not the first cookware label offering sophisticated cookware, but it is a pioneer in the joyous colorways available. It's a reminder that the most functional pieces can also be the most good-looking, and they deserve a place on every kitchen countertop.  

'We wanted to make something that you don't often see in this space by adding color and unique touches to standard kitchen appliances. So often you see black or stainless steel toasters, air fryers, microwaves, etc., but we wanted to create items that could add some happiness to your kitchen in colorways such as lavender, sage green, cornflower blue or our new porcini taupe colorway, which is just stunning for someone looking for a more minimalistic color aesthetic,' Barrymore explains.

Creative Barrymore is responsible for the ever-growing variety of hues, while Hong, the other half of the duo, oversees the technology.

'Our partnership is really balanced. I bring the experience in the kitchenware space with my other brands under the Made by Gather portfolios, such as Bella and Crux, whereas Drew has brought this new creativity and vision of introducing these unique colorways and designs that are unlike anything out there,' Hong comments.

Drew Barrymore and Shae Hong

Drew Barrymore and Shae Hong

(Image credit: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore)

'Drew has taught me to take risks, like launching a colorway that might not have worked in previous years, but I just trust her instinct, and we go with it. I believe I’ve taught her the behind-the-scenes of the kitchenware industry and how to keep this brand elevated and niche but also accessible and affordable to ensure the perfect blend of innovation, design, and quality.'

As hinted, this combination of good-looking yet innovative pieces is what sets Beautiful aside. However, the brand's willingness to take risks can't go unnoticed. 

'In the history of home and kitchen appliances, Sage Green was never a really strong color, and Drew wanted to launch with this color,' Hong says. 'I went all in on her idea and trusted and believed in her vision, and we sold out in 72 hours. Our brand really takes risks in these colors that haven't been explored in the industry in the past, and we’ve really been succeeding with these new color launches.' And this lesson is seen beyond the kitchen in everything Barrymore and Hong create. 

Drew Barrymore

(Image credit: Courtesy of Drew Barrymore)

'Designing your home can be a lot of fun, and we wanted to bring items that consumers are excited about,' Barrymore added. 

'It's a way to bring out your personality while creating a space for comfort for you, your family, and your friends. We hope our pieces, from our cookware to our couches or pillows, bring a bit of joy to your home and inspire you to get creative while designing or redesigning spaces within your home.'

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