Drew Barrymore's kitchen storage proves this cookware essential is 'more than just a functional item' – it's both functional and personal

The open kitchen shelves allow for easy cookbook access and visibility, giving us the inspiration to display recipe texts

(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew Barrymore)

With a line of kitchen appliances under her belt, Drew Barrymore has become practically synonymous with the culinary space. Her Beautiful by Drew collection is a colorful assortment of everyday items, made chic-yet-versatile thanks to their range of bright-to-muted hues. It's an example of utilizing ordinary pieces as display, and it turns out this strategy extends beyond coffee makers and toasters.

In a recent Instagram post, Barrymore showed off her Beautiful line in her kitchen, but what our eyes were immediately drawn to was her wall display of cookbooks. Arrange in horizontal rows, the cookbooks are positioned face-out, allowing us to admire the beautiful covers, and get a glimpse at some of the recipe books Barrymore uses.

When thinking about how to organize cookbooks, it's important to remember that these volumes are just as much instructional texts as they are valuable display items.

'Cookbooks are more than just functional items; they are a testament to culinary journeys, family traditions, and a passion for the art of cooking,' says designer Nina Lichtenstein. 'Displaying them in your kitchen not only keeps inspiration close at hand but also adds a personal touch to your space. When done thoughtfully, a cookbook display can transform your kitchen into a stylish, inviting hub of creativity and comfort.'

With that sentiment in mind, displaying books so they are completely visible is a great way to approach storage, while also ensuring they are ready to grab.

'Open shelves are a popular choice for displaying cookbooks, offering both visibility and accessibility,' says Lichtenstein. 'Position them above your countertops or near your cooking area for easy access. Ensure the shelves are sturdy enough to hold the weight of the books and are deep enough to accommodate larger volumes.'

There are plenty of alternative shelving options, too. For those looking to recreate Barrymore's look, a custom bookshelf inclusion could be the solution.

'If you have the space, consider integrating a built-in bookcase into your kitchen design,' Lichtenstein suggests. 'This can be part of a larger kitchen renovation or a standalone piece that complements your existing decor. A built-in bookcase provides ample storage and can be a focal point in the room.'

Finally, Lichtenstein says that while visual appeal is important, the number one priority for cookbook storage in the kitchen is functionality.

'Ensure that your most-used cookbooks are easily accessible and that the display does not interfere with your cooking workflow,' she states.

Hannah Ziegler
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