Drew Barrymore's smart kitchen storage solution turns these (unexpected) everyday essentials into decorative items

The actress displays her kitchen knives on a metal wall strip, which allows for easy access while preserving countertop and cabinet space

(Image credit: Beautiful by Drew Barrymore)

Kitchen knife storage is a dicey (pun intended) subject. To display out in the open or to hide away in a drawer? Well, it can be dependent on kitchen size. While we're all for showing off a particularly impressive set of knives, hanging sharp utensils on a metal strip is also a fantastic way to preserve counter and cabinet space.

Drew Barrymore is on the wall-knife wavelength, having recently shared a video in her beloved turquoise kitchen. Behind the actor and Drew Barrymore Show host, we can see a metallic strip hanging above her oven, with an array of knives and scissors stuck on. The combination of easy access and simple display is enough to have us reconsidering the best knife storage for our kitchens.

Experts say that kitchen knife storage goes hand in hand with overall organization, which should be looked at as a fun challenge rather than a home stressor, as Christina Lee, co-founder of Graceful Spaces Organizing, explains.

'When it comes to kitchen organization, getting creative with storage is the name of the game, especially if you're working with limited storage and a smaller space,' she explains. 'The good news is that there are a wide variety of organizational solutions available these days to help you maximize your space in a way that is functional and beautiful.'

Lee explains that kitchen knife storage is highly dependent on a space's existing design, for example, whether there is ample countertop real estate or bare walls.

'Before you run to the store to buy the product, determine where it makes the most sense for you to store your knives,' Lee states. 'Whether it's out on the counter or in a drawer, take a few minutes to evaluate how frequently you use them, if they need to be stored to the right or left side of the stove depending on which hand is your dominant (yes this matters!), and overall where it makes the most sense for this zone to live.'

She continues, 'For some, storing them right next to the stove would make the most sense. For others, [putting them] in a kitchen island drawer might work best. Also, take time to evaluate your inventory. Eliminate what you do not use! This initial step will help you determine your product needs.'

Knives on a magnetic knife rack

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There are specific brands and products that Lee recommends, with materials ranging from bamboo and wood to shiny metal, like Barrymore's wall strip.

'If you plan on storing your knives on the counter, we highly recommend investing in a knife stand set by Material,' she says. 'At Graceful Spaces, we continue to purchase this brand for our clients as these premium sets are high-quality and beautiful. There are also amazing options at Williams Sonoma that will allow you to display your knives beautifully on your countertop.'

'Limited on space? The walls and the inside of your cabinets are prime real estate! Utilize a magnetic knife holder to free up space. We love the wood magnetic holder bar from Crate & Barrel for our clients.'

We recommend a metallic wall strip for kitchen knives in any small kitchens, or kitchens with limited storage space. Place knives from largest to smallest along the strip for a visually pleasing appearance.

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