Ellen Pompeo's bedroom features this elaborate decor feature – experts say it 'exudes opulence'

Making a striking statement, this monochrome decor feature is bold yet elegant

Ellen Pompeo
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The primary bedroom of Ellen Pompeo's home is a sophisticated and modern space that features this one opulent and sophisticated detail.

The Malibu beach home was designed by celebrity interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard and much like the maximalist living room, it depicts the ultimate luxe material, marble. We spoke to the design experts to get their take on this unexpected way of incorporating this material to make a bold statement. 

'In Ellen Pompeo's exquisite bedroom, the focal point that commands attention is undeniably the statement marble wall,' observes interior designer Elizabeth Grace. 'This masterful design choice exhibits a bold geometric pattern seamlessly integrated into a monochrome palette, creating a space that exudes opulence and sophistication.'

She notes that the geometric design adds interest, while the black and white palette ensures the room remains balanced: 'The bold geometric design etched into the marble wall not only showcases the exquisite veins of the stone but also adds a layer of intricate artistry to the space.'

'The choice of a monochrome palette ensures that the marble wall becomes the undisputed star of the room, creating a sense of balance and cohesion.'

elizabeth grace, pro interior designer
Elizabeth Grace

Elizabeth Grace is an Interior Designer, Furniture and Home Expert. She received her degree in Interior Designing from the University of Notre Dame. Elizabeth landed her first job as an intern with a leading firm in New York City, learning from some of the city’s top designers. She currently works as an interior designer for both residential and commercial clients.

While you may think of marble as an unusual choice of material to adopt in the bedroom, since it's most commonly used in more social rooms of the home such as modern kitchen ideas, Grace suggests it can make a stylish impact in the bedroom: 'Marble, a timeless material revered for its elegance and durability, is a prime candidate for elevating the aesthetics of a bedroom.'

If this is a material you're looking to bring into your own home, it's important to first consider a range of factors, as Grace explains: 'Different types of marble offer unique characteristics. Calacatta and Carrara marbles, known for their white and gray veins, are popular choices for a timeless, elegant look.'

When it comes to styling other elements of the room around this standout material, Grace advises: 'To prevent the room from feeling too cold or sterile, balance the marble with warm textures and materials. Soft textiles, plush bedding, and warm lighting can create a cozy contrast.'

Marble can also be a high-maintenance material, so Grace warns it's key to be aware of this before opting for this decor style: 'Marble requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty. Ensure that you are prepared for the upkeep, including sealing and cleaning as needed.'


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