Gisele Bündchen's gray-blue kitchen has an enduring sophistication favored by designers

This 'versatile and calming color palette has real staying power' – here's why designers are using it increasingly ahead of 2024

Gisele Bündchen
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Gisele Bündchen is no stranger to setting trends across the fashion and beauty industries – but a look in her kitchen shows equally forceful in the world of interiors.

When the model shared the crunchy pecan pear recipe with her followers, she probably anticipated the dessert would take center stage – but in our case, her kitchen color palette stole all our attention. Gisele is standing in front of gray-blue painted walls – exhibiting a hue that, designers say, is increasingly sought-after for good reasons. 

'This versatile and calming color palette has real staying power as it's a color that works well with both contemporary and traditional spaces,' comments Los Angeles-based designer Rande Leaman. 'It pairs well with many other colors and doesn't scare more neutrally inclined clients.'

Following 'color trends' often comes with caution, especially in the kitchen, when renovating is time-consuming and more costly. However, while labeled as a 'trend,' this gray-blue has already demonstrated its ability to impress through previous seasons – and its popularity is showing no signs of wavering (especially now, with Gisele Bündchen's unintentional endorsement).

'Gray-blue kitchens are a trend I'm happy to get on board with,' Rande says. 'We have just designed a gray-blue kitchen, and I'm excited to see it take shape in the new year.'

Interior Designer
Rande Leaman
Interior Designer
Rande Leaman

Rande is the founder of her eponymously named studio based in Los Angeles. She began her studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from NYU before pursuing Interior Design at the UCLA Extension Program and completing her training with a degree in Architectural Interior Design at Santa Monica College. Rande's past design projects have included contemporary, transitional, and traditional residences around Los Angeles. She is currently working on several projects in the San Fernando Valley and on the Westside.

And unsurprisingly, Rande is not alone in her support for this hue. New York-based decor expert Daria Musinova similarly notes how the tone is 'increasingly popular' – from kitchen walls like Gisele's to smaller accessories that allow us to tap into the trend almost instantly.

'In my observation, blue-gray has become increasingly popular in interiors. This versatile color can be used in various ways, from wall colors to decorative elements,' she says. 'The tone creates a calming and serene ambiance in any space and pairs well with many colors.'

Blue kitchen with marble worktop

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'As an artist, I always look for innovative ways to incorporate new color trends into my creations. Gray-blue has become one of my favorite colors to work with, as it adds a sophisticated and luxurious touch to any space,' Daria explains.

'Whether it's through wall color or decorative pieces, gray-blue has the power to transform any room into a serene and elegant oasis.'

As Daria comments, choosing gray-blue paint is an impactful way to tap into the look, but it's also accessible with the right accessories. We're starting with these hand-picked favorites below.

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