Goldie Hawn creates a 'dramatic' bedroom using an expert-approved color combination with timeless qualities

The First Wives Club star utilizes contrasting black and white in her bedroom for an effortlessly chic (and eternally on-trend) outcome

Goldie Hawn
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Goldie Hawn knows a thing or two about timeless classics. As the star of cult-favorite films like Death Becomes Her and The First Wives Club, the Academy Award-winning actor is a mainstay in the film industry. When it comes to her interiors, she opts for classics as well; especially in the color scheme realm.

The performer posted a video to her Instagram page of her monochromatic color scheme – an interior staple – and we loved how the soft white luxury bedding and fluffy pillows complemented her black, curved headboard.

Monochrome color palettes are a simple yet highly effective way to elevate a space with opposing colors and a high-drama impact. Since the bedroom is a space for rest, the strategy behind monochrome is a bit more specific and targeted towards a peaceful (but chic) ambiance.

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'Two-tone palettes are centered around contrast, and this rings true for black and white bedrooms above all other combinations,' Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert says. 'The caveat of these schemes is they can feel flat if texture is not incorporated. Make sure to utilize different materials with a variety of finishes for optimal visual appeal.

Hawn's fuzzy blanket serves as fantastic inspiration; it complements the smooth throw pillows and sturdy wood comprising her black headboard.

Ebert also explains that experimenting with how much of each color is used is a great way to create an interesting contrast.

'You don't need to decorate with completely equal amounts of black and white,' she states. 'Try a mostly white room with black accents for dramatic effect, or a primarily black room for a cocooned atmosphere.'

Finally, don't be afraid to introduce other neutrals in a monochrome bedroom in the form of natural materials.

'Even if you're aiming for a black and white room, adding in natural elements like stone or wood can enhance the space by infusing it with nature,' she explains. 'Alternatively, materials like glass and marble maintain a luxe, elegant appearance in the bedroom. Anything with a metallic finish is also a good option.'

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Below, find some black and white bedroom pieces to create an elevated oasis at home. We're starting with this Hawn inspired throw that adds instant interest to any colored bedroom (but, of course, it will particularly impress in a black and white space).

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