Gwyneth Paltrow maximizes her kitchen's potential with this designer-approved storage system

The chicest home in Montecito can teach us a lesson in enhancing storage – and it's replicable far beyond the Golden State

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Creating a seamless storage system is an art that every homeowner faces, including Gwyneth Paltrow, no less. The actress-turned-lifestyle guru has set an example of how we can all accentuate our kitchen's potential in her Montecito abode with exceptionally tall shelving capitalizing on every inch of wall space. 

Designed with furniture force Brigette Romanek, Gwyneth's floor-to-ceiling kitchen storage is beautiful enough to tap into the room's California-cool aesthetic, but above all, it's created to be functional. In a recent video, we can see her glass-fronted vertical cupboards in all their glory – stretching right to her ceiling. 

Thanks to their transparent front, we can see that Gwyneth has used some shelves to store glassware and crockery, while others house books (likely cooking books, considering her affection for experimenting with cuisines in the kitchen).

Gwyneth Paltrow

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Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, like Gwyneth's, allow us to work with space we never knew we had, making an organized kitchen notably more accessible. It's a technique that hasn't gone unnoticed by designers who urge us to follow in her lead – but not before some forward planning. 

'It's a good idea to use tall wall cupboards in a kitchen because it maximizes the vertical space that would otherwise go unused. But accessing these higher cupboards, particularly those above a cooker hood, can be challenging for even the tallest people,' says designer Mariya Snisar.

Mariya Snisar
Mariya Snisar

Mariya Snisar is the head of interior design at Renowell, with over 12 years of experience in the industry. Her family has been in construction for generations, and she has participated in tens of interior design projects in Canada. She is passionate about creating beautiful spaces and giving each project a personal touch.

To enjoy the benefits of tall kitchen storage without any annoyances, Mariya recommends storing infrequently used items on harder-to-reach shelves. 

'Store items that you use less frequently to reduce the frustration of constantly pulling out a small step or stool to reach those higher cupboards. Things like a fondue set, chocolate fountain, Christmas cookie cutters, and special occasion pottery can all be stored in vertical wall cupboards,' she comments. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

(Image credit: @gwynethpaltrow Instagram)

'To maximize this taller (and often narrower) cupboard, try stacking items on shelf risers with an open base – that way; you don't lose any valuable storage on the lower section of the shelf. Undershelf racks are also good for the same reason.'

We can maximize the space in our vertical kitchen cabinets further (in the case we choose some with solid doors that hide our contests) with sturdy hooks and racks that hang on the inside of our cupboard doors.

'Securing magnetic sheets [such as these from Amazon] to the inside of tall cupboards means you can store metal cookie sheets and trays in a sleek and convenient way,' Mariya explains.

'Also, using clear, labeled baskets or bins to store seasonal items like Valentine's chocolate molds and canning supplies for Fall jams makes finding items easier. During Winter, I place my juicer and smoothie maker on higher shelves because I use them less often when the weather is so cold, and I pull out my crockpot because I'll be cooking more soups.'

We can pick up these storage essentials (whether we have floor-to-ceiling-cabinets or not) below.

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