Gwyneth Paltrow keeps an unexpected essential in her refrigerator – and suddenly we're all doing it

A look inside Gwyneth's fridge has made team H&G rethink how we store a former bathroom favorite – and organizers say it 'makes complete sense'

Gwyneth Paltrow
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We would be forgiven for assuming Gwyneth Paltrow's refrigerator is stocked with all the essentials – milk, conserves, and flavored water, to name but a few. However, there are some more unconventional everyday items hiding between her eggs and leftovers, and they come in the form of skin care. 

Gwyneth, who turned from acting to managing her lifestyle empire Goop, treated followers to a tour of her fridge after saying she had received lots of questions about its contents. 'So would you like to see what’s in my fridge?' she asks. Of course we would. 

The refrigerator is stocked with everything we might anticipate: iced tea, coconut yogurt, veggie burgers, and leftover zucchini included. However, the contents then start to become slightly more unusual. 

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'A great hack is to keep your eye masks in the fridge. It just feels amazing and cool and helps with the depuffing,' Gwyneth says. The masks sit next to her peptide serum which she applies in the 'morning and then in the evening' before bed. 

'A new thing I started doing is [putting] moisturizer in the fridge. It feels amazing. And hidden behind my cans of Avaline wine [is my] my gua-sha. Keep it nice and cold. It feels so good.'

So is it time to organize our refrigerators to make room for skincare? This trick may have approval from beauty expert Gwyneth, but what do professional organizers think? H&G's Interiors Therapist, Suzanne Roynon, weighs in. 

'True to form, Gwyneth walks her talk and recognizes the importance of keeping some beauty products cool. While many celebrity closets contain a small, discreet fridge or cool cabinet for masques, eye cream, and other skincare essentials, Gwyneth keeps hers easily accessible in the door of her luxury model. It's perfect for a top-up at any time of day without having to make an emergency dash to her boudoir,' Suzanne says. 

And that's not the only wellness tip Suzanne recommends stealing from the fridge.

Skincare in the fridge

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Suzanne Roynon
Suzanne Roynon

Suzanne is a feng shui consultant, interiors therapist and author of Welcome Home, How Stuff Makes or Breaks your Relationshipavailable at Amazon. She specializes in understanding the energetic impact of homes and certain possessions may have on all aspects of life, health and relationships, and the ways in which ‘stuff’ can actively prevent people and families from thriving and enjoying the lifestyle they deserve.

'There is one thing I’m planning to implement straight away in our home; relocating our gua-sha tools to the cooler environs of the fridge when not in use,' Suzanne says. 'It makes complete sense to keep these simple rose quartz or jade implements, used as a beauty aid to increase blood flow and lift the skin, where they can be chilled and ready for action whenever the opportunity arises.'

Skincare aside, Suzanne adds that we can also learn a lot about organizing a refrigerator from Gwyneth's video. 

'Gwyneth's super-organized refrigerator is a testament to a passion for wellbeing and her busy family life,' she comments. 

'It’s good to see carefully curated leftovers ready for use in sealed containers rather than abandoned on plates. Gwyneth champions sustainability and respects the environment – despite her status, she ensures no food is wasted, and there’s always a healthy snack available – for whoever opens the door.' 

We can follow her lead by picking up some containers (like the one below) that are perfect for storing fresh fruit, veg, and leftovers. 

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