Gwyneth Paltrow utilizes this precious material to ensure her California kitchen stands the test of time

The Goop founder favors the luxe material, which experts say is a top choice for its unique properties and smooth appearance

Gwyneth Paltrow
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As the unofficial stateswoman of all things wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow is not afraid to try new trends. When it comes to her home, however, she likes to keep it classic. Look no further than her white kitchen for inspiration on how to create a bright, timeless room.

The Goop founder recently posted a video in her all-white space, embellished by stainless steel appliances. The look is traditional-meets-modern, clean and airy, and highly replicable, but one feature stands out above all: her white marble.

Marble kitchens are as practical as they are beautiful, known for their precious aesthetic that has long stood the test of time. And as experts explain, their appeal is not set to waver.

'Natural stones, such as marble, are a popular option for countertops, splashback, and flooring due to the luxury finish they provide, and this is set to continue well into the new year,' says Elliott Fairlie, product leader at Wilsonart. 

'The veining present creates movements and direction in the space, in a way that other materials cannot, resulting in a tranquil, clean aesthetic that is perfect for creating harmony in the home.'

Marble's high price point and upkeep are certainly considerations, but Elliott says that there are strategic ways to incorporate the material into kitchens without breaking the bank.

'Opting for a marble finish countertop or backsplash, rather than the solid raw material, has its advantages,' he says. 'You can achieve your desired look within budget while having an easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain space. The options available span both dark and light marbles, as well as light and deep veining, meaning there’s something to suit any taste.'

Gwyneth's white kitchen is a perfect example of a marble backsplash, adding just the right amount of texture and sleekness to a space while the white shade makes it all look super clean.

Elliott Fairlie
Elliott Fairlie

Elliott Fairlie is the Product Leader, UK & Ireland for Wilsonart, where he is responsible for all product categories in Wilsonart UK portfolio.

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