Gwyneth Paltrow's simple kitchen color combination will dominate in 2024 – interior designers love the look

There's nothing more classic than these two colors together, but the Goop founder's kitchen makes them look brand new

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Blue and white is one of the oldest color combinations in the book. It's crisp and clean, bright and uplifting, and colorful, but also somewhat neutral. Given the undeniable beauty of this color scheme, it's no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow uses it in her home.

The actress and Goop founder, known for her quiet luxury style, has embraced white cabinets and a blue, Portuguese tile backsplash for her kitchen ideas. The matte white finish helps to ground the space, with the subtle pattern of the tiles forming a calming, but visually interesting contrast. Together, the combination creates a fresh, airy feel in her kitchen. 

Interior designers swear by Paltrow's white kitchen idea. Jove Meyer, an NYC-based interior designer states: 'I am obsessed with Gwyneth Paltrow's blue Portuguese tiles. They are contemporary and historic at the same time. When you see the pattern from afar they offer a clean, modern feel with a pop of color that is perfect for the kitchen, yet when you get closer, you see the hand-painted details that give them their personality and make them so special.'

He continues, 'The clean white cabinets perfectly complement the tiles and help keep them contemporary and let them shine at the same time, as the only pop of color is the soft blue from the tiles.'

Luckily, recreating Gwyneth's stunning kitchen tile idea is easier than it looks. Acclaimed interior designer Nicholas Kaiko tells H&G, 'For readers looking to emulate this style in their homes, I would advise considering the balance of pattern and color. If you choose a bold tile like this, keep the surrounding elements understated to let the tiles be the star of the show. You'll want to match the tiles with neutral-toned countertops and cabinetry to avoid visual clutter.'

He continues, 'Also, it's essential to think about the lighting in your space as it can significantly affect how these colors are perceived. Natural light will bring out the best in these tiles, making them appear vibrant and lively. For artificial lighting, opt for a warm tone to complement the blue and white. Lastly, when installing patterned tiles, be mindful of the layout. The pattern must flow seamlessly across the wall without any awkward cuts at the corners or edges, which can detract from the overall effect.'

If you are trying to redo your kitchen on a tight budget, Meyer suggests, 'This look can be achieved with newer tiles with a geometric pattern, it will give you the same effect, but for a lot less money. Find a clean white tile with a soft-colored pattern and repeat it to create a larger pattern that draws people into the kitchen.'

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Decorating with blue and white is always a good idea. Whether it's through blue tiles or the addition of blue cups to clear cabinets, the color can beautifully elevate a white kitchen to stylish new heights.

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