Hilary Duff’s home features mismatching statement furniture, and we’re here for it

Award-winning actress and singer Hilary Duff has shared a glimpse inside her Los Angeles home on Instagram, and we’re loving the mismatching pieces of statement furniture

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Hilary Duff, who is most known for her leading roles in the Lizzie McGuire television series and movie, has a keen interest in interior design, and we're lucky enough to sometimes catch glimpses into her Beverly Hills family home via her Instagram. 

As pictured below, the candid snapshots show two key pieces of furniture: a classical, dark-stained wooden chair and a ‘70s-esque warm-toned sideboard. While technically the two pieces may not belong to the same era of furniture styles, the balance between the two strikes a warm, homely feeling. 

Sticking to just one style of furniture in a room can be limiting, and can sometimes hold back creativity and prevent true personality from being shown. Having instead a considered collection of varying styles allows for a more experiential take on design, and also promotes a lived-in, collected feel. 

Previously talking to Architectural Digest on the design of her home, Duff explains: 'We have found this really nice balance. I care a lot about interior design, and I do like to invest in furniture – but furniture that I feel like I’m going to love and reuse in many different ways.'

Also pictured in this corner of Duff’s home is the addition of softer furnishings and decorative items, namely an orange and cream long pile rug and a selection of handcrafted-inspired ceramics. 

When centering a room around heavy, vintage-inspired furniture that can demand a lot of attention, making sure to offset the space with softer, lighter furnishings prevents the room from feeling too harsh and ensures a cozy factor remains. Injecting an element of warm-toned color through these decorative pieces is also a cost-effective way of adding instant depth and personality. 

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