Ina Garten uses this product to keep her knives 'perfectly sharp every time' – it's the secret to a longer-lasting edge

The Barefoot Contessa owns a Chef'sChoice electric sharpener – and she uses it at home to keep her knives food-prep ready and kitchen-safe

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A while back, home expert Ina Garten revealed which kitchen knives she uses on a daily basis to create her admired recipes. Now, The Barefoot Contessa has given us another crucial piece of info: how she keeps these knives sharp.

After having recommended the Wüsthof Gourmet Knife Block, Garten has taken to her Instagram page for an instalment of her Ask Ina series, in which she demonstrates how she keeps her knives sharp. The answer? The Model 1520 Electric Sharpener by Chef'sChoice.

It's often said that the most dangerous tool in the kitchen is a dull knife; and while many of us may opt to take our knives to professionals for sharpening, Garten proves that doing it at home (with a trusty appliance of course) is actually quite manageable.

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'We've all seen chefs take a knife to sharpen it,' Garten says in the video. 'I'm always worried I'm going to get the wrong angle, and it will ruin the knife, so I'm going to show you how to sharpen a knife.'

She then proceeds to show us exactly how she utilizes the sharpener. First, she explains that there are two sides to the sharpener – a rough side and a fine side. She recommends gently putting the knife through each side twice in order to achieve optimal sharpness.

'All I do is wash the knife to get any filaments off, and you've got perfectly sharp knives every time,' she states.

Experts say that sharpened knives are imperative to safely and effectively preparing food; not only will ingredients be cut sharply, but there is less danger of losing grip of the knife, which can happen when it becomes dull.

'If you send them to a professional, I would recommend sharpening your knives once a year,' says Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert. 'However, if you have an electric sharpener like Ina Garten's, you can sharpen as often as every three to four months.'

We love the sleek finish of the Chef'sChoice product; however, it also comes in black for those who prefer a darker appearance. Regardless, these neutral colors go with practically any existing kitchen decor and style.

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