The LA compound where Jennifer Aniston lived while filming Friends is on sale for almost $2.6 million – take a look inside

The four-structure compound has a star-studded past. It's clear why

Jennifer Aniston house sale
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There are many beautiful homes in LA, but few can rival the star-studded past of the four-structure Laurel Canyon compound nicknamed 'The Crown Jewel.' Now, the property that once housed legends like Corbin Bernsen and Jennifer Aniston (while she was filming friends, no less!) among others has hit the market for $2,595,000. 

The 1930s property is perched atop Laurel Canyon, offering panoramic views of Los Angeles. It is comprised of four distinct structures: the main house, the A-frame guest house, the pool house, and the studio. Though each structure has its own personality, they flow seamlessly into one another to create a unique and cohesive home. It's also brimming with home decor ideas.

the crown jewel compound in LA

The exterior of the crown jewel compound

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view from the crown jewel compound

The view from the Crown Jewel compound

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'What sets this property apart is its unassuming charm; it's been dubbed the Crown Jewel of Laurel Canyon, yet it maintains the laid-back, funky vibe that draws buyers to this neighborhood. Truly, it's a one-of-a-kind gem,' says Wendy Moore, the Compass listing agent for the property. This chic but laid-back feel is evident in every corner of the relaxed property, all of which are designed to celebrate the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape and city.

crown jewel home where jennifer aniston once lived

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dining room crown jewel where jennifer aniston lived

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From the stylish living room to the gorgeous and impressively sized kitchen decor, the Laural Canyon property earns its honorific title. The design has a cozy modern feel. Large windows fill each room with light, while bright white walls and hardwood floors give the main home a clean look.


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crown jewel property kitchen

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During her tenure at the 'Crown Jewel' compound, Jennifer Aniston rented the A-frame guest house while filming Friends. This unique light-filled part of the property has a warm modern rustic feel. The farmhouse look of the cozy structure is all the cooler juxtaposed with the iconic LA skyline, visible from the guest house windows. Jennifer's former home includes its own wood-paneled kitchen, bathroom, and loft bedroom, accessible by a stylish staircase ladder.

jennifer aniston A-frame house

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jennifer aniston kitchen

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Whether you have $2.6 million to spare or are just looking for decorating ideas, the 'Crown Jewel' compound is worth a look. The unique property offers everything from stunning views to a star-studded provenance including the likes of Jennifer Aniston. Really, what more could you look for in a Los Angeles home?

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