Estate experts say Jennifer Aniston's wooden house exterior reflects an 'intentional mindset' that buyers love

The material comes with an 'undercurrent of sophistication' that sets her property apart – here's how it can improve our house value

Jennifer Aniston
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Actress Jennifer Aniston may be synonymous with the silver screen, but she is also a force in the interior design world – or, in this case, the exterior design world. 

The Friends star recently shared that interior design would be her top alternative if acting hadn't worked out, which, of course, isn't quite the case. However, her exterior choices are just as stylish as those inside her four walls. And, real estate agents say, they could be economically beneficial, too. 

Designed by celebrated LA architect A. Quincy Jones, Jennifer Aniston's Bel Air mansion boasts a sleek wooden façade with a striking modernist aesthetic. And, while we admit it's not easy to change our home's exterior, experts urge us to follow Jen's lead next time we're undergoing an extensive renovation or moving home.

'When discussing the nuances of home value, it's essential to consider more than just price tags and square footage. Wooden façades are not merely a gesture towards contemporary design. In essence, they reflect an intentional mindset,' begins Texas-based real estate professional Bailey Moran.

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'A home with a wooden facade tells a story of homeowners who appreciate beauty and are mindful of our planet. There's an undercurrent of sophistication that wood provides, setting it apart from the more typical brick or vinyl sidings,' Bailey says.

'Consequently, these homes often stand out as premium offerings in the market, especially if the wood bears marks of quality and care.'

Bailey Moran
Bailey Moran

Bailey Moran is a real estate professional and COO of Austin TX Realty, the boutique real estate brokerage in the greater Austin metro area. She has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry and has produced over $100M in sales. Her expertise often appears in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Realtor Magazine, and other international publications. 

Wood is famously associated with the architect who designed many 'retro' structures like Jennifer's home in California during the 1960s. However, despite its construction around 60 years ago, this property, and all of his designs, continue to impress in the contemporary day – and we owe much of its success to the material.

'Some might assume wood is a bit out of style, a relic of a bygone era. I'd beg to differ,' Bailey explains.

'I once worked with a visionary architect who transformed reclaimed wood from dilapidated barns into a facade that exuded modernity. Paired with expansive glass panels, the wood introduced an element of warmth. This juxtaposition of old and new created a familiar and innovative ambiance. It's no wonder the property found its owner in just a week, fetching a price higher than anticipated.'

So, wood is one of the impactful ways to make a home's exterior look expensive, but its benefits don't end there. As the expert explains, it has its energy-efficient qualities, too. 

'I've seen homeowners genuinely astounded by their reduced energy bills after moving into a wooden house,' she says. 'It's simple science since wood is a remarkable insulator. In the sweltering heat or chilly winters, a wooden home adapts, ensuring comfort while being economical.' 

To explore more of A. Quincy Jones's extraordinary work, we're picking up his book via Amazon below.

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